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Seven-year-old boy buys fighter jet on eBay

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Thanks to eBay, a seven-year-old London boy managed to purchase a real-life Harrier fighter jet. ( المزيد...

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Drew Rhodes 0
wow... only in Europe
Mike Grant 0
Every boy's dream!
TTail 0
is he old enough to sign the check??
Ethan Hertzberg 0
props to the company for not forcing the sale.
TTail 0
i agree with you ethan, wouldnt have made any sense to force that on a family.
Jmumman 0
John Cartlidge 0
I can't believe that Jaspreet,TTail and Ethan took this so seriously.
How could any company force a sale on a 7 yr old?
1.He is below the age of any legal competancy.
2.He is not old enough to have an Ebay account.
3.Jetart dont sell viable aircraft,thats why theyre called JetART.
Adrian Lawrence 0
Perhaps people need to check facts before posting a quick look on Jetart's website would confirm they do indeed have " viable" aircraft for sale
mrdedwalker 0
Maybe Dad will not tag "Stay signed in today" *on* again? tch tch, silly Daddy. I can just imagine a nine year old driving a Ferrari in his family sometime soon. ... ;->
Robert White 0
Who dosnt want a fighter jet.
joseph schneeweiss 0
I want one
alfadog 0
Old news and no big deal, just a waste of time for the seller.
William Hewlett 0
What day is this?
Marco Barajas 0
Sweet! I'm going to HIS house after school. Johnny's daddy is cool!
Christopher Rea 0
wow.. thats not cool. ebay says once bought there is no return policy. once bought they must pay up. thats not cool.
egnilk66 0
the date, people...the date!
Matt Comerford 0
uh this was posted before 4/1 folks... not a joke.
HerrThor 0
yes agree with mikegrant14, it is every boy's dream! When I was a child, I dreamt in that too!
Ken Hurne 0
Look daddy!! My package is here!!!!!!!!!

What the...???
Chris Stokes 0
Grew out of his bicycle?

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