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NTSB and FAA Investigating Failed Red Bull Plane Swap

Both Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have announced that they would be investigating the attempted Red Bull plane swap in Arizona which led to one of the aircraft crashing... ( More...

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Michael Blackstock 9
When this started yesterday, I checked for any restricted airspace. Welp, that explains why I could not find a single restriction or NOTAM related to this flight. Not even one for skydiving for AZ04 during that time.
GraemeSmith 4
And in an area where the sectional has many warnings about "intense flight training activity"
Mike Mohle 2
That is in area here where a training ILS has been established nearby @ KCGZ and there is a ton of local flight school traffic using it at all hours. I avoid it unless doing an IPC.
royalbfh 23
This is the social media world that we live in: how many "likes" and "views" can we get? very sad, and also very confusing. A popular YouTube pilot that is so adamant about safety says that he saw "no problem" with this stunt and that they were "safe". Ok, except they CHOSE to go ahead even without the FAA approval, so in violating the FARs they had to know what the consequences were going to be. so what other FARs can we assume they were or are willing to go against? another perfectly good airplane gone for a view on the web.
WHy did they not just do it in Mexico?????
Brian Freeman -5
RECOR - Have you been to Arizona recently?? It may as well be Mexico. They probably just got confused.
sparkie624 3
Texas is going in the same direction... Just a little slower!
Jaime Terrassa 2
California is also going the same direction
Artie7998 3
Well, yes, that could literally be said about every state if one assumes it refers to net change in percentage of Hispanic population. Per Wikipedia (an unquestionable authority of course) the only US state or territory listed that had a negative percentage change in Hispanic population per U.S. Census over the last 10 years is.....drum roll....Puerto Rico. I just wanted to point that out because it seemed so ironic. (Second smallest net percentage change of any state, btw, was actually California. Also surprisingly contrary to common perception.)
AAaviator 12
One of the stunt dummies, Luke Aikins is the same nitwit who jumped from 25,000' without a parachute into a 100x100 ft net at Simi valley in 2016, willing to not only risk his life with such a foolhardy, ego driven, notoriety seeking stunt, but also willing to accept the possibility of leaving his wife and son without a husband and father. What could possibly go wrong?!?! After that insane stunt, and now this, Luke Aikins is STILL allowed to serve as one of the regional directors of the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Someone with a warped, self-serving sense of fame and notoriety should not only be removed as a regional director of the USPA, but should also be banned as a member from the organization, and the USPA should be ashamed for allowing him to serve as regional director in the first place, and to continue to serve now! Further, after this latest hair brained and illegal stunt, Aikins should face legal and punitive consequences.
EMK69 14
Pull both their medicals and slap a harsh penalty on Red Bull for this. What purpose did they have besides saying "we did it." It served no purpose other than a publicity stunt.
tlfys1 17
Amen to that and add Skydive Arizona if they indeed allowed this over their DZ. It infuriates me that these two idiots destroyed a perfectly good flying aircraft so their fragile little egos could get stroked.
WhiteKnight77 6
The planes had parachutes as well. though it does look that it hit nose down and bent the fuselage up pretty good.

Still, the pilots need to face the same fate as the other I D Ten T.
RECOR10 -3
Serious question, why do we not have the same mindset for the hundreds of stunt cars Hollywood destroys each year? I get it, this was not car...the mindset is the same (I think, maybe, hell if I know)
WhiteKnight77 6
Hollywood goes through lots of red tape to get streets closed, or have used closed airports, so others are not in danger while doing vehicular stunts unlike whereas a plane falling from the sky is a different matter.
dwgoldfarb 2
Probably the same reason we tolerate 35000+ fatalities in motor vehicle crashes each year for the past 5 years. Compare that to civil aviation deaths which are less than 500 each year.

Technology such as lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and others could prevent many motor vehicle fatalities if they were mandated instead of sold as an option. Putting on my conspiracy hat, the auto insurance industry and the auto repair industry probably discourage such actions as a threat to their businesses.
Artie7998 1
I'm pretty sure the insurance industry would prefer FEWER accidents, (while, of course, keeping rates the same) thus they would have no reason to discourage said adoption, and I highly doubt that the "auto repair industry" is either organized or influential enough to pull it off. It does not require a conspiracy theorist to recognize that, as with many similar features, they are not mandated because people prefer having the choice as to whether to pay through the nose for safety features they believe they do not need. (I'm a GREAT driver, it's all those other crazy a-holes that get into accidents! ;)
In my most recent purchase (GLS550), I turned all of that off.....
tuba 9
There's another disastrous wreck on view here: the English language. Hard to believe that ANY outlet, except maybe the Middle School Weekly Bugle, could allow that mess to see the light of day. The proverbial Infinite Number of Monkeys seated at their typewriters couldn't have shredded punctuation, syntax and plain ol' readability more effectively.
Jeff Steiner 4
The same person must have written the Boeing 777X, 787, and 737 MAX10 article also shared to FlightAware squawk. They're both very hard posts to read!
Frank Ingels 0
Education is run by the WOKE crowd.
That’s why we have such poorly trained graduates. I taught Elec Eng for thirty years. When the CA started exporting through the NEA it was the start of the huge decline in incoming freshman.
Vote demo and continue the ruination of what was a wonderful country.
Artie7998 0
It should come as no surprise that an ever increasing percentage of our scientists, engineers, doctors, etc has to be imported from nations that respect education and whose educational systems are still designed to educate rather than indoctrinate. As an EE myself, I welcome them and quite frankly would on average trust their skills over any current product of the Amerikan "educational" system.
WhiteKnight77 1
The unfortunate thing about our education system is the students themselves. As long as they prefer to keep their nose in their phones, and this is the parent's fault as much as the kids, they will not learn as much as earlier students did. There are exceptions to the rule that do want to learn, but they are definitely in the minority.
sparkie624 15
What Idiots1 They should both be Grounded for Life!
Linda Allman 4
What's to investigate? Ridiculous, unapproved stunt went sideways. Wonder if the "pilots" and Red Bull still think it was worth it?
Mike Hindson-Evans 3
So, presumably the airframe insurance company will wash its hands of liability?

The irresponsible driver may need to set up a YouTube channel to appeal for donations...
Mike Hindson-Evans 6
More than four decades ago, the first instruction (at the time, called "strong advice as in don't f**k this up") which I received was "never - EVER - part company with a serviceable aircraft".

Still seems true today.

How many potential mid-air collisions did these f**kwits trigger!

Lifetime grounding - PLEASE, America!
Gregg Bender 4
Good. Those idiots should have their licenses pulled. Red Bull should also be prosecuted for allowing it to go on after the FAA denial.
RECOR10, there are a lot more cars out there then airplanes, not to mention the relative risk levels involved.
Forgiveness is easier to obtain than permission is a foolhardy and dangerous philosophy to have in the realm of aviation. Also, it does not apply if you already have requested and have been denied permission.
Markus Wolff 2
Gentleman & Ladies, this thread is filling with hate towards stupidity. I want to say most of us are unable to understand the mind of a parachutist. These adrenaline junkies must have been under extreme pressure from the Corporation RED BULL who sponsors these type of stunts ALL DAY LONG. On this occasion it must have been costing RED BULL upty up dollars a day for this "hollywood" stunt. These two pilots should never be allowed to fly again, the danger & risk to the public was off the charts & I know some body will say "it had an autoplit" an autopliot which failed. However, if they can redue this stunt with an autopilot which will self land the $299K C-182 that would be awesome.. Maybe next time fly down to puerto penasco & do the stunt over sea of Cortez. My thought is FAA will suspend for 6 months the license of one pilot, maybe both. They are not NASA, but what they do CAN benefit aviation in future, when down with more focus on SAFETY, everybodies safety.
Adrian C 2
Darwin Awards coming up…. maybe there was some thought put into this after all.
sparkie624 2
He almost earned the Darwin Award... Only one thing kept him from getting it.... (He Survived)
Lou Gollin 1
Duh… the only constant in aviation is one up manship..
Mike Williams 1
The only thing is to add "OF ART" and leave you to change the space's location.
21voyageur -2
Only in Amerika
Brian Freeman 0
Good God, what a horribly written article. Is English not the author's first language or is this just more of what we've come to expect from "journalists" these days??
DaveRK 0
IMO, Red Bullsh*t is a joke. Not a single brain cell in their corporate heads.
And to think it all started with cliff diving.
mbazell -6
Too risky for both themselves and people and property on the ground. It's called reckless operation of an aircraft. The FAA should never have allowed it.
William Herron 10
The FAA refused permission for the attempt per the article. Red Bull went ahead and did it without approval.


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