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FedEx dumps 40 flights, grounds aircraft as shipping demand wanes

FedEx foreshadowed cuts to its air network six weeks ago. Now we're seeing the exact contours of those measures. ( More...

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Peter Blouin 14
Always a treat to see their DC10's and MD-11's operating. A nostalgic touch to the airliners of the past.
John Yarno 6
I know that FedEx home delivery quality (at least out my way) has really gone down hill. I now dread it when a supplier notifies my package is coming FedEx. This started some time back and If I have a choice I will pay a bit more to get another carrier.
SkyAware123 1
EXACTLY the same at my place. Too lazy to drop stuff at the house and left by the street. Happens all the time now.
steve carter 5
Guess Fred found the point of cost and demand curve
Too expensive for me…the little guy!
msetera 6
Shipping demand hasn't decreased.
Shipping demand for FedEx has though. FedEx's suckage factor has been increasing over the last several years to the point I try to avoid them as much as possible.
Leander Williams 3
One would think this plan would be defrayed until AFTER the Christmas shipping season. People are spending more than last year, so shipping should spike during December. I'm sure that all the Cargo airlines will probably notice a downturn. It had to end sometime.
darjr26 3
It will be interesting to see if this shifts over to the passenger carrying airlines. Domestically, at least, it still seems like a lot of people are still flying.
bentwing60 3
EK, the 'Baltic Dry Index' is a site to include in your shipping demand considerations as it is indicative of what we are seeing in air freight as well. But with much larger numbers in shipped weight! The index is Down 34.1 % for FY22. I'd guess you are not unaware of the segment, but I'd also guess many probably here are.

Merry XMAS to the laid off FANG gang. Maybe "learn to code" or go to the local airport and learn to fly airplanes for peanuts. Don't worry, they are approaching all digital now anyway, so even a "Caveman" can do it. Cheers and partial sarc. font off.
paul trubits 4
ATC is hiring
William Bingham 1
Learn to code in which language?

George Wilhelmsen 3
Sure seems like a recession....

....META, Amazon, Twitter laying off....
....Target saying Christmas sales will be down due to inflation...
Now this....

...and our Administration? Everything is FINE.

Believe what you want.
DaveRK -1
And another poster that just has to throw politics into the conversation.
Hank Surface 1
A good time to be a furloughed pilot if you don’t mind your payload complaining.
Leander Williams 1
One would think this plan would be defrayed until AFTER the Christmas shipping season. People are spending more than last year, so shipping should spike during December.
Tim Blaney 1
Much of Fedex current issues and others are related to energy cost (fuel) and the inflation it causes as well as retaining quality employees if you find them at all. Poor work ethic and lack of quality education makes today's generation difficult to say the least.
Yes, people are spending more this holiday season but that does not translate to more shipping when you factor inflation.
SkyAware123 1
I hope they hire better delivery people. The current ones in my area are lazy sons of b*tches. Too lazy to drive tot he houses anymore. Used to be great.
M20ExecDriver -2
Wonder if their ban on shipping guns and gun parts is partially the cause. If so, good. There's a price to be paid for being a "woke" company.
William Bryan 1
Funny how this seems to be happening at the same time the pilots at Fedex have been negotiating their labor contract and getting close to the end of that process. Yes, Covid spiked business and Fedex made BILLIONS, with a B, of profit but now it's doom and gloom and lets park airplanes and slow hiring.....sure, ok.
Another Joe Biden Policy failure. He has no business acumen…never had a real job in his life!
bentwing60 3
Judging from the down votes, you must be over the target!


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