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Boeing Argues Against 737 MAX Crash Victim Suffering Claims

Four years on from the last MAX crash, Boeing continues to fend off lawsuits from those affected. ( More...

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patrick baker 2
this is a textbook case for the necessity of plaintiff's attorneys. Is there any confusion about who built the boeing (that's a good hint) 737 max's that crashed killing around 350 people?Boeing's behavior so far is despicable. Perhnps as part of the class action settlement, Calhoon and the board of directors can be forced to resigh. It is only a small start if that happens. Clawing back the monies awarded to the CEO and the Board is also a pretty good sounding idea.
linbb 1
Yet nothing about the airline which used the last 73 that crash to test fly it with a full load of pax. It came in the night before with that glitch, they found nothing when it was checked. So instead of doing a test flight and proving there was nothing wrong hey lets not waste time, load it up and fly its probably ok. That and there were two really low time pilots up front too didnt help.


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