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8 Hours Plus: The World’s 5 Longest Boeing 737 MAX Flights This Summer

Long-haul narrowbody flights have always been controversial. Many argue that they're less comfortable than widebodies, although new technology plays a vital role in making cabins feel more spacious. A narrowbody flight has a far lower trip cost than that operated by a widebody. However, it has a higher seat-mile cost and higher cost per seat, but offset by fewer seats to fill. This balance partly depends on the extent of premium passengers and/or a lack of competition, but helping to… ( More...

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Icelandic from Newark to Reyjkavik is 737 Max. Even this relatively short and affordable overseas flight is misery with their very short seat pitch. The seats are fixed, don't recline, and they flex like they're made of nylon. Despite the appealing Boeing cabin, I'm not flying with them again in that plane.
Matt West 7
If I have to do a long single-aisle flight I would only want to do it on a 757 or A321XLR due to the larger cabin size and comfort. Heck, I'd rather do it on an A220 than a 737-Max.

The 737 is an old workhorse designed for the days of short hops, not long flights. Upgraded engines, avionics, and structure can't compensate for the smaller cabin.

Boeing should never have shuttered the 757. It was a beautiful lady, and listening to those RB211's throttle up and screaming through the clouds has never been matched.
Peter Fuller 4
737 and 757 have the same fuselage and cabin width. Seat pitch is what matters, you can experience the joys of cramped space on both types.

mbrews 2
I just experienced a crowded full flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Delta. Boeing 757-200, roughly 1 hour.
That was long enough for me, thank you. The bird was a refitted airframe, originally operated by Shanghai Airlines, has PW 2037 series engines. Planning to avoid travel on such aging castoffs in future.
mags stumpp 5
UA uses these on flights to hawaii l(eg, LAX-OGG). Spending 6 hours in one of these is torture … even in J. Locals tend to pick mainland flights based on aircraft and avoid these like the plague.
Mike Boote 2
Cruel and unusual punishment.


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