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Russian Carriers Reportedly Force Employees to Downplay Aircraft Defects

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Sources within Russia's flag carrier Aeroflot have revealed a concerning practice of suppressing information about aircraft defects, according to the investigative news organization Proekt. ( More...

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James Simms 20
This won’t end well for anyone
Zoya Gomstyn 2
Anyone in russia. Human life does not costs anything in outlet’s land :(((
Zoya Gomstyn 5
I meant ‘putler’s land.
Lawrence Green 20
Russian stupidity. Aeroflot ... stay away from this airline.
Matt Swinney 15
avoid, even in the best of times.

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Patrick Spencer -2
your the ignorant one..just because your feelings get hurt. Let’s not say anything negative about the poor Russians
John Rogers 2
Art Hine 9
They can either "ground" the aircraft if the is a mechanical problem or wait until the aircraft decides to "ground itself". Unfortunately, it will be too late! Sad.
Jeff Bishop 5
Of course they do.
rbt schaffer 3
Won't be long ... Sounds of metal crunching like beer cans...
Kenneth Wright 2
In response to the comment about Putin flying on Aeroflot, that's unlikely to happen. Multiple news reports in the past have said he travels on a specially built armored train, including travel on some secret rail networks, because of his pathological fear of being killed. Travel by rail is more difficult to track than flying by air. Ask Elon Musk!
Bob Wolff 3
Russian cosmonaut: Nine out of ten times, no problem.
Howard Wallowitz: What happens the tenth time?
Russian cosmonaut: Problem.
I wonder what is the motivation behind this .All human life is important in the world , all nationalities are important for the flying industry and all passengers should be excluded from being scapegoated at times .
Let’s not mix the airline business with politics, there are two different issues.
Hopefully mankind will get along well soon in the future .
Jim Allen 2
Now here’s a shocker..from the mentality that brought you.. “3.6 rotengen, not great, not bad” from a Geiger counter that maxed out at 3.6. I think much more telling is the crash of the aircraft that carried almost all of the northern fleet commanders because they overloaded the cargo hold. Pilot balked.. was told “you fly or you lose your job”
Raymond Hoff 2
I remember being in Domededovo in 1990 catching an Aeroflot flight to Tomsk. Looking out the window, I was appalled at Russian bubkas carrying their own bags to the back of a jet in order to load their own luggage. This 80+year old woman walked behind the engine on the right side of the aircraft and ended up being blown off her feet and rolling 10 meters. Bag flew off across the tarmac and nobody came to help her up.

New meaning to "Fly Aeroflot"
Looks like Aeroflot has become Aerofaukked as far as passengers are concerned. Too bad; I hear it was dangerous enough before this downgrade.
James New 2
Aeroflot, the airline where everyone claps when the pilot lands safely. The RuZZians have been trying to sell their Sukhoi Superjet 130 with little or no success. How they expect to compete with Embraer and Bombardier is a mystery.
One hopes that Putin and his toadies are frequent fliers on AeroSplatt airlines.
Yassine Cherfouni -6
The concern is for all Airlines and Aircraft’s in the world .
Aeroflot will not be the first airline or the last one to have issues with mechanical control and maintenance.
Many airlines including in our own territory, have issues with flying aircraft (s) knowing that there is potential risks at times. The FAA knows that , mechanics know that and pilots know that .
Hopefully we will be able to take off safely and land safely.
Stay safe ladies and gentlemen of the crew members.
Zoya Gomstyn 2
Don’t compare normal airlines to Russian ones. You don’t know what you are talking about. Human life costs NOTHING in russia :(((
Charles Gonzales -9
Allegedly, reportedly? This isn’t a news article. It’s anti-Russia propaganda. The west is ashamed Aeroflot and other Russian carriers continue to operate safely while under western sanctions. Boeing and Airbus have shown all carriers that their commitment to service and safety is solely dependent on the global political climate. Their willingness to bend to external political pressure will have a negative impact on their future.

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Nooge 8
Punishing women and children in Ukraine with war crime

Not wise for Vlad

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Zoya Gomstyn 0
Путлеровский обожатель? Ты уже целовал его задницу сегодня? 😂😂😂


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