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Boeing Celebrates 55 Years Of The 747

The Boeing 747, first produced in 1968, was designed for Pan Am and became one of the world's most iconic aircraft. The 747 features a double-deck design and a cargo door, allowing for easy conversion into a freighter. Its cockpit is located on the top deck. Over 1,500 747s have been delivered in the past 55 years, with Atlas Air being the largest operator, followed by British Airways and Lufthansa. One of the world's most famous aircraft rolled out of production 55 years ago. The… ( More...

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James Simms 11
Queen Of The Skies, regardless..
Matt West 5
Interesting question...had Boeing won the AF Freighter competition with the 747, would the C5 have been converted into a passenger aircraft? If it did, I doubt it would have been anywhere near as successful as the 747 (just my opinion).
Rick D 4
I remember my Dad taking my brother and me to see a 747 that was on display at the Abbotsford airport (CYXX) back in 1969. I had just been bitten by the aviation bug - a bug I never did get inoculated against - and the airplane amazed me then. As it still does.
Jan Vreeland 3
"Pan Am accepted delivery of the first 747 on January 15, 1980"
I think that date should be 1970. I flew Pan Am in '72, '75 and '78.
Very much so.
smsatgnv 2
My favorite aircraft. It is so beautiful. Flew Pan Am's Flight 2, NY to London then on to Frankfurt.

As Hinchcliff 2
The first time I saw & then boarded a 747 I couldn't believe it could actually take off, and with so many passengers. I was in awe! Great aircraft, have loved them ever since. That's how old I am!!!
Bab Bezat 1
Petr Johnson 1
Dad worked for Continental Bank and was lead on the correspondent group of banks financing 747
Worked with Joe wheat and other Boeing Execs to get her off the ground 👍
Bab Bezat 1
My dad, an aeronautical reliability engineer who had to travel a lot on the job, really like this plane. My sister, a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines, *loved* this plane!
Elliot Cannon 1
I flew the -100 and -200. The -100 (original design) was one of the best handling airplanes ever. When hand flown, it was like flying a big, giant, Beechcraft. It was rumored we had the seventh one of the assembly line. 4 of the best years of my career.
Anna Gray 0
55 is a good number. Let's not make it 56. If you don't know what I am talking about - ask noise sensitive neurodivergent people who are regularly abused by life ending noise 747 produces. Once we are done suing local airport and FAA we are going after Boeing. Designed by ableists made by ableists and will be ended by the disabled.


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