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matt jensen 33
a slap on the wrist
sparkie624 19
and a slap in the face of all us other pilots!
Michael Millard 16
There's a large community out there which adores and thrives on the nonsense produced my people like this. As long as there is a viable market, there will be entrepreneurs who are willing to go to these lengths to accommodate that market. The negative (and rightly so) comments on this page represent the disapprobation of aviation afficionados, who understandably disdain the theatrical commercial conduct of such as Jacob, but as long as the community at large gets its titillation from the like of Jacob's production, there will be people who emulate him.
21voyageur 12
Would agree with you. A very different (some would say "twisted") sense of social values has developed due to easy access to such stunts by the curious and lonely. The most alarming thing however is that recent technology-fueled generations (pick a letter X,Y,Z) appear to have lost the perspective of what is simply right and wrong and have an undeserving sense of entitlement. What this bozo did was wrong and 6 months does not send a message to other/future bozos. Parents? "Teach your children well" (Graham Nash)

WhiteKnight77 9
And is why I stated that people are getting dumber and dumber. While a good tool for those who can use the tools available on them, smartphones has taken some people backwards.
have you seen WhistlinDiesel? (could have spelled that wrong, who knows). Destroys a $500k Ferrari for YouTube (and makes a profit). I guess no different than me wasting eggs on my neighbors home - just a different dollar figure.
Thomas Murphy 5
It is where "entertainment" and reality TV combine in a "perfect" mix. We go to movies with things crashing, blowing up, etc., all the time. Now, it's mostly CGI. So, if you are a "media influencer," you are like any other movie maker trying to tell a story. Influencers, as of now, are, in general, fully non-regulated. Stupid stuff like this will lead to calls for regulations, which will also be ridiculous and impact many people. But we will "all" be happy as long as we are entertained.
WhiteKnight77 5
The people that they are trying to influence lack specific brain cells to understand that what people are doing is incredibly dangerous and often try to emulate what they see on all those social media platforms and end up 6 feet under.
sparkie624 2
It is amazing these social stunts that people are trying to pull off... There is certainly a brain cell deficiency there... And some don't survive!
David Hasse 2
It's the podcast generations where nothing has consequences and is all about look at me, me, me.
James Grant 24
hE DELIBERATELY crashed an airplane after using a flight plan he had no intention of following. Using a forest area with no concern if there might be people below; or if he might cause a forest fire; and he ONLY GETS SIX MONTHS??
Kevin Webb 5
And now we’re told lanes of flying freakin cars can be expected in the sky any time now. What kind of stunts will those a**hats come up with then, never mind the sight and sound pollution. Bass heavy boom box cars directly overhead. But won’t you dare write them up for noise pollution because you’re “targeting” and unfairly profiling them. And when they interfere with real pilots or mow down crowds of people they’ll get off with suspended sentences thanks to enabling attorneys and politicians.

People can’t drive civilly (never mind safely) and now they’ll be constantly overhead?? Whatever naturally winged creature free to fly now soaring overhead will be a collective endangered species. Looking up to enjoy a beautiful clear sky and a wonderful sunset? Enjoy while you can.
WD Rseven 3
People can burn down entire city blocks of businesses and get a $500 fine. This guy wrecks his own plane and gets 6 months in jail.
jaymeinen 6
He got jail for obstructing the investigation by destroying evidence, not for crashing his own plane.
Doug Dornbos 3
Your point is well-taken but here's a second correction, he got federal prison, not jail. It's probably not as rough as most state prisons though.
Scott Wiggins -6
Black lives matter!
ko25701 10
Wow, if they would only apply the same logic to a drivers license for idiots that drive while intoxicated, hit and runs or other common sense based issues. Flying is a privilege, not a right.
sparkie624 4
The Roads would not be nearly as congested.... the do not suspend or revoke enough licenses and the punishment most only get a Blow Machine to start there vehicles... There is no good reason to let these people drive at all, much less flying.
Paul Miller 27
A total idiot, and I guess that at some point in the future after he's back out of jail? he will be making an application to get his Flying license back again? They should have given him a Year in federal Prision and not just Six Months.
ToddBaldwin3 4
His license has already been restored
Having had a T-Craft BC12D it infuriated me to see the BL65 brought to such an untimely end. The older classic airplanes are diminishing, and people will not know the joy and skill it took to fly "conventional" gear aircraft.
jaymeinen 6
I was infuriated, too. Such an awful way to get, “clicks” and, “likes.”
Ricky Line 3
As a former 1941 BL12 65 owner, I agree. What a waste of a great aircraft!
Bob Turner 7
For reckless and dangerous operation of this aircraft I hope the FAA permanently revokes his pilot privileges.
Dale Owens 3
They revoked his pilot certificate. He can fly again, but he has to start from scratch. None of his previous time or ratings count. The FAA airmen registry shows no certificates held.
Elliot Cannon 12
Senator Jim Inhofe landed his twin on a runway that was notamed closed, was physically marked closed, had men working on the runway and he landed anyway jeopardizing the lives of those workers who had to jump to safety. He was given "retraining". THAT was a slap in the face of all pilots.
David Beattie 6
Luckily he got back to Washington in time to give his speech on Law and Order and personal responsibility!
Nooge 0
And throw snowballs mocking climate change scientists
btweston 4
Ah yes. Senator X.
Thomas Ryan 2
At least they decided not to rename the Tulsa Airport after him,... Just the control tower!!
James Hendrich 6
How many people will make a stupid decision in a car today kill someone and walk away free? Never mind the current state of USA politics on both sides that allow 1000's of people to die in a war waiting for inaction and trying to score political gain. Let's lock up all the idiots and failed actors. He should have gone into politics much safer to stuff up.
This creature should be summarily executed - period.
btweston 4
How’s the weather in Tehran this time of year?
sparkie624 1
Not a warm enough for him! :)
Phil Caron 11
If he had not won a gold Olympic medal and was a nobody, he would have received a stronger penalty. Two justice systems, one for the elite and one for the rest of us.
Bandrunner 5
Good stuff, FAA. That fool brought down the public standing of pilots everywhere, no matter what they fly.
Quite apart from destroying one of a limited number of remaining classic aircraft, for that, he should be drawn and quartered.
(I hope I sounded suitably bloodthirsty there, seems to fit in with the general tenor).
WhiteKnight77 1
While I may wish to see him disciplined in a suitable manner, even to feel some pain, I don't believe any here wish excessively harsh treatment, just something to get him to think things through a bit better and to make better choices.
Tim Dyck 0
You know it’s kinda sad how we no longer get to watch a good drawing and quartering anymore. Perhaps in cases like this it would do us all some good to do something retro like that.
ToddBaldwin3 5
My two cents worth. What really irritates me is this person's complete disregard of the rules and common sense. He deliberately crashed a plane for monetary reasons, showing where his priorities and judgement is and all he gets is not even a slap on the wrist by the FAA. I'm sure we have all seen people that have made a bad judgement call and continued flight when they shouldn't have or flown when they shouldn't have and get slapped around by the FAA. I am still amazed and appalled that after 6 months his license as reinstated.
Dale Owens 3
They revoked his pilot certificate. He can fly again, but he has to start from scratch. None of his previous time or ratings count. The FAA airmen registry shows no certificates held.
sparkie624 3
Common Sense died a long time ago: - Reference his Obituatry!
sparkie624 8
He should have gotten much worse!
Gary Scribner 4
I am shocked that he wasn't charged with reckless endangerment or a violation akin to that. How did he know that there wasn't someone down in that national forest that could be hit by an out-of-control airplane? Well, here of late, we have a pilot attempting to shut off the engines of a commercial airliner (see Alaska airlines incident), now this. What's next? (I am afraid to think).

[This poster has been suspended.]

Tim Dyck 5
How do you know it is non inhabited? And even if it is what if he starts a forest fire the wipes out a nearby town?
Also Airlines don’t dump raw sewage anymore, since the late 80s and 90’s the industry started storing the stuff until they were on the ground and then the tank is emptied with a vac truck.
Are you seriously a pilot? A lot of your posts look more like the only experience you have is a flight simulator on Xbox.
Ken Lane 4
Good. But, it's not enough. The piece of shit deserves a couple years for the bad image put on GA.
capcmdr 4
As Bugs would say..."What a Maroon!!"
jaymeinen 10
He got off easy. He deserves a lot more. Maybe he’ll upload a video as he’s going to prison.
Fred Sewe 7
The level of moral decadence is getting unparalleled. It’s amazing that people like Jacob are let off the hook with a slap on the hand. It’s even more amazing that someone actually commissioned this charade and paid for it. Shame!
Chris Muncy 7
Not long enough!
sparkie624 4
Eternity would not have been a long enough!
WhiteKnight77 6
The FAA should have charged him, or at least had the Justice Department charge him. The one thing, some time in prison is better than none at all. Hopefully this deters others from doing the same thing. We shall see.

I keep saying that the more we advance technologically, the more we go backwards. People are just getting dumber and dumber due to the need to have a smartphone to do stupid, and dumb, stunts like this.
EMK69 8
Hopefully, he will be banned for life from ever getting his medical back.
linbb 7
Only if the do not allow him a pilots license and then it would be irrelevant because there would be no reason to apply in the first place.
sparkie624 3
Check out:
These YouTube videos bring a lot of revenue (thousands of dollars in fact for people who make them) so I for one will
NOT watch any more YouTube vids because people like him make me sick.
sparkie624 1
Only because stupid people watch them... Get rid of the idiots watching them and it will solve the problem once and for all.
Rick D 4
That sentence is an example of "any landing you can walk away from". He survived without barely a scratch. I hope he is forced to repay all the money spent investigating the crash.
sparkie624 4
He Bailed out and parachuted down! He did not walk away from the crash, because was not in a suffering aircraft that was terminal and was not flying aircraft when it crashed or auto-landed in a mountain... Which ever you want to call it...
As Nelson (from The Simpsons) would say: Ha Ha!
So will he post his life in federal prison? Don't bendover to pick up the soap Trevor?
Alan Byler 2
The aggravating thing isn't just that he only got six months it's YouTube. Why does YouTube, Tik Tok, the formally known Twitter now known as "X", et all, allow these stupid stunts on their channels? What if his parachute hadn't opened? SPLAT! And there are so many other idiots that are willing to risk their lives for more views. And, sad to say, some of them have died.
ToddBaldwin3 4
Because it is all about ad revenue. People like him bring in a lot of ad revenue, and in the end, that's all the social media sites care about.
lance morgan 2
You can't fix stupid.
David Teague -5
If this was a planned stunt, I see no harm done. Unless of course he was attempting to recover insurance on the plane or it wasn't his. I can't understand why he lied.
Stuart Barkley 11
He obviously planned the charade but I'm sure he never checked out if there were going to be any people on the ground where the plane would hit. That was pure "hope there's no-one there".
Andrew Taylor 2
It was indeed a planned stunt, the article says so. Reading between the lines it was sponsored by GoPro as there were 3 cameras involved and he hightailed in there to retrieve the data

His jump and the aircraft’s plunge were recorded by cameras mounted on the plane’s wing and tail and by the camera he carried. After landing, he hiked to the crash site and recovered video from the onboard cameras, the government said.

According to the plea agreement, Jacob had a sponsorship deal to promote a company’s product in a video he would post, and he never intended to complete the Nov. 24, 2021, flight.
sparkie624 4
His Camera's are what got him in trouble.... If not for the Camera's, there would be no proof against him and it would have mostly been word of mouth... GOPO did a good job of convicting this idiot!
sparkie624 3
I disagree... Too many unknowns. this was careless and illegal. 10 years in an Electric Chair would be too kind for him.
David Beattie 4
Thus your call sign!
sparkie624 2
That Nick Name was earned many years ago and has a story with it that is almost as long! Let it be said... I made one heck of a Lightning Bolt in our shop! Literally!
WhiteKnight77 2
At least it wasn't due to getting zapped by that same bolt. I once made a mistake and got zapped by the static electricity when the ground guy slapped the pendant hook while doing externals. I always made sure after that, to keep my arm from near the hook in the bird.
ToddBaldwin3 3
I used to run a fuels lab, back in the days of JP-4 and Avgas. I became very aware of static electricity and always kept myself grounded and bonded in the lab. My other job in the Air Guard was aircraft re-fueling, so that reinforced my awareness of static.
WhiteKnight77 2
When refueling, I always ensured that the bird was grounded as well.
ToddBaldwin3 2
That is probably a story well worth hearing, either over a beer, or over a cup of coffee these days.

[This poster has been suspended.]

jaymeinen 1
HUH?! Share links that he got these things. I don’t see them.

[This poster has been suspended.]

ToddBaldwin3 3
That is not germane to the topic under discussion, or for this site. This is the wrong forum for that discussion. Please take it elsewhere.


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