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United Airlines Reaches Agreement With ALPA Union Amid Pilot Shortage

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The Air Line Pilots Association has reached an agreement ‘in principle’ with United Airlines on new contract terms – a deal that is a direct result of an acute pilot shortage in the aftermath of the pandemic. The situation in the US has forced many airlines to scale back operations temporarily and revise contracts to boost pay and bonuses for employees. ( المزيد...

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ADXbear 2
The airlines and FAA rules caused this shortage! Demand for 4yr degrees, demand for 1500 hours for the ATP, AND stupid non livable wages in the regional world for years before being hired by a major. Most of these kids are not willing to live like that with other must better paying positions with other non aviation careers.

Everyone has been way to late seeing this problem coming years ago, I for one left flight aviation after advanced ratings but not enough hours, became a flight dispatcher which was good but not satisfying my desire to fly.
harry frederick 1
The 4 year ( any Degree) is a requirement that has held back thousands of qualified folks from being hired by the majors.A two year Aviation College program concentrating with heavy "Math" on the agenda is so superior to a 4 year history degree. Hey Majors, rethink your policy and get with the times.I still support the hour requirement.
mary susan watkins 1
the pilot shortage issue has been around for many years,pretty much since those who were trained by the military quit applying with the airlines..the recent issue has been the thousands of early retirements.and buyout packages offered because of flight cutbacks due to covid..united is smart to work with the pilots union to amend the pay and working schedules out of is not a "bad" requirment for an airline to want an applicant to have a 4 year college degree.there are MANY professions that still have that requirement, along with lots of other training..i understand it takes a lot of time to get the flight hours required,but if you really want to be a pilot with a major carrier,the persistence to get that degree as well as the flight hours should prove advantageous..i agree that the pay scales,particularyly for the regionals, are low,but that is an issue that can be worked out by the unions,and i might add, applicants are advised of their pay, where they will be based, and have the opportunity to apply with more than one carrier..they dont go into the job blindly,and the airlines do not "hide" benefits,pay or other such...

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