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Delays Caused at Bush Airport Following Woman on Runway

Two runways at Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport were closed for 15 minutes yesterday evening around 20:30 ET after a woman managed to enter the runway area and cause delays. ( More...

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the story on local news was that this woman cut through a perimeter fence and crawled through..nothing was said as to her reasons,whether she was "high" on something, or was doing it for fun..i guess we will hear later..i once had the opportunity to go on "perimeter check" with airport authorities (which is done frequently),and it was to look for animals or pieces of fencing that might have been tampered with and to see if runways were ok..IAH is quite a large facility and is ever expanding,so there are now lots more spots to check..
Greg S 4
Hopefully, like all mammals captured within the airport perimeter for safety reasons, she was tested for rabies and found to be free of it.
James Simms 1
Wonder if substances beginning w/ ‘M’, another ‘M’, ‘C’, ‘A’, or other substance(s) were involved?


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