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RyanAir Voted Europe's Worst Airline

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Something we knew, but left unsaid. Something Europe knows and has now made official. ( المزيد...

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Warren Thomas 6
And Tyanair is suing Aviation Herald for giving them a bad rap?
What next:-
Will they sue all the travelers who took part in the survey?

Get real Ryanair, if you don't want to look like a second rate Airline,

Toby Sharp 4
Pileits 3
Couldn't happen to a WORSE airline, because they are already at the bottom.
Chris Donawho 2
Maybe it's their time to be worst, now that Kingfisher is gone.

It's gotta be lonely down there at the bottom. Perhaps we should include US carriers so Spirit can keep Ryanair company at the bottom of the heap.
Toby Sharp 2
Chris.....Spirit just charged you a $10 internet down talking fee
Chris Donawho 1
LOL - Dammit!
Tyler Tashji -2
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Ryanair Voted 'Worst' Short-Haul Airline

More than 5,500 travellers rated dozens of airlines in the survey, giving each a mark out of five for categories including check-in process, baggage allowance, seating allocation, punctuality, food and drinks and value for money. Only those airlines receiving at least 30 votes were included in the final results.

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