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U-28A Crash’s Killing Four Hurlburt Field Airmen In Djibouti

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Capt Ryan P. Hall from the 319th Special Operations Squadron, Capt Nicholas S. Whitlock and 1st Lt Justin J. Wilkens from the 34th Special Operations Squadron and Senior Airman Julian S. Scholten from the 25th Intelligence Squadron died February 18 when their U-28A was involved in an accident near Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, located in the Horn ( المزيد...

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jmilleratp 1
They might be thinking that the Pilatus having a turboprop made the one-engine aircraft acceptable.
Bogush 1
an incident
A return flight TS 389 on Feb 18, 2012 to Toronto from Varadero Cuba was delayed for 4 hours, exit doors were not operable, a technician was called to try to correct the malfunction and assumed after about 1 hour that it was correct, but to be safe the airliner decided to split the passengers up; 21 returned to Varadero with $400.00 credit for a future flight, 80 were put on a flight to Montreal, connecting flight to Toronto and the balance were sent on the unsafe plane with all of the passengers being seated from the wings to the rear of the plane for fear should the door be sucked out during flight. Well, when we landed in Toronto they could not open same door again and when the captain thanked everyone for their patience and asked that we should fly Air Transat in the future a resounding expletive said no. Should this plane A330 have been stopped from flying until there was adequate assurance that it was safe ( Transport Canada was called - they gave it a OK) the mere fact that no one sat in the front of the plane, should be apparent that the Captain and Crew felt it unsafe to put passengers in the front of the plane -
siriusloon 1
And this is relevant to the loss of this aircraft and crew how?
Bogush 1
sorry - I put in the wrong area
loufrankel 1
Maybe I'm being naive, but I'm surprised that we still operate single engine fixed wing aircraft for military operations, even if it is for U designated aircraft.
Ed Boock 1

siriusloon 1
F-16, F-35, T-6, T-45, etc, etc. Engine reliability is WAY better than it used to be. Airlines have run engines for 60,000-plus hours before having to remove them from the wing for heavier maintenance.

How about we wait until the investigation shows if the engine was at fault before assuming it was?

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