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Senate panel passes bill to block EU airline law

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(Reuters) - A Senate committee passed a bill on Tuesday authorizing the transportation secretary to bar U.S. airlines from complying with a European Union law that would require them to pay for carbon emissions on flights to and from Europe. ( المزيد...

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sstuff 5
“The Thune-McCaskill bill directs the secretary of transportation to prohibit U.S. airlines from participating in the EU trading scheme to curb carbon emissions ***if he or she deems it in the public interest.***”

Does that mean the Secretary of Transportation has the power *not* to implement the proposed law? If that is true, then why make a law, at all? Presumably, the inserted compromise language is designed to appear bi-partisan in order to make it palatable to the full Senate, rather than to directly deal with the EU’s naked, sordid attempt to tax other nations’ citizens. (Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s cede sovereignty to the ICAO.)

Assuming the full Senate passes the bill, The House of Representatives ought to consider the bill in a more thoughtful manner and propose language that would have teeth and immediate effect.
thomas farr 4
now i live the UK and i find that plan simply stupid if they want to simulate growth in europe find other was invest in property and help fund re-generation projects not charge forigen airlines and countries to fly in and out of european airports. i back the american senaters, the reason being is american people need to re-build there economy as much as europe. but america need to invest in three people first before even thinking about other countries. i know we need to protecte our planet but that is in the long run can't plans like that wait until the global economic down turn ends.
AccessAir 4
Just who is the Holier than thou Government that decided to declare who and what we should be taxed for? And where does this money go? Does it help to reverse whatever alleged damage carbon emissions area allegedly making to the planet?
When will we ever get it thru our thick skulls that no matter what we do, we cannot stop pollution. I take that back, we could stop populating the earth...Perhaps the lesser amount of people here would lessen the need to tear up the countryside and plants that suck up CO2 and convert it to Oxygen so we can build concrete jungles....The more we built mega cities the more vegetation that goes bye, bye, the lesser amount of nice green plant to soak up all that CO2...
blake1023 3
Well dont you know, by taxing companies, the earth will get the message to stop "climate change".
Jordan Sandy 7
while I can understand the rationale behind why the EU is implementing this (appease the green movement, make it appear they're actually doing something), I can't quite fathom what they think they will accomplish by taxing carbon emissions. if such money is gained by them, I find it hard to believe that they would be able to accomplish anything with it, besides perhaps paying for a campaign to inform everybody how much they've "accomplished." the main effect i see this tax having is creating lots and lots of annoyed passengers and plenty of economic conflict. understandable, but senseless.
Dan Grelinger 5
Politicians will take people's money anyway that the people will let them.
My suggestion is don't go there. See how that works out for eu if we stay home in droves.
Tom Bruce 3
McCaskill wants to look conservative for the election - she's in trouble... .."in public interest..." gives them an out... House should pass it without qualifications...
sstuff 3
It is a stupid tax to say the least. But that is what governments do these days---dream up more taxes to pad their pockets. Their go-to solution for anything is always a tax. Just listen to our current administration.
blake1023 5
Our current administration calls taxes, "Penalties or fees".
Pc correctness or bs. Take your pick.
Debriefer -5
Re: "Their go-to solution for anything is always a tax. Just listen to our current administration. "
Let's start with a big one. The healthcare bill. I know--- it's not a tax. Contained in it is a 3.8% surtax on certain investments including in some cases homes. That my friend is a huge tax.Why do think it is hidden in the healthcare bill? Also, the "filthy rich" are a citizen just like you and already pay more in taxes as the income tax is a sliding scale. Sounds like you are all for the government redistribution of wealth and being everyones handler.
richard weiss 3
I guess that fact that the top 5% already pay 40% of the federal income tax is not good enough for you. When they are paying 100% of it, you'll ask for more. Greed is when you want something that is not yours. Sound familiar?
Anil Ilwahdi 2
This tax is just to look after all the bureaucrats and have nice pension at out cost
blake1023 2
You'd think the European Union would want tourism! Look at their economic situation... Nickel and Diming the airlines (US or International) is the worst thing they can do. We all know the airlines will just pass down those taxes to the pax. I can hear the liberals now, how dare those, rich, rotten, 1%, airlines, pass down those fees to the 99%. Welcome to Capitalism!!
Roland Dent 1
There is big deficit in EUR budgets at the moment because Germany is underwriting peripheral states like Greece Spain Portugal and Italy. If it were not for German exports outside the EUR the EUR would cease to function. In the UK we pay around 50% in taxes incl. all local, national and sales tax. Gasoline is about $8.70 per US gallon and diesel is over $9. This is just another example of how the world is being sectored off into three trading parts N America, Eur and Asia.. It looks like the EUR has the upperhand at the moment and they are testing their strength.
Lets see, if this now limits service to the various EU destinations .. or we can always do likewise, when they arrive on US soil
Roland Dent 1
That is the only way Rob...everytime I get stuff from the USA it is taxed directly by FedEx as official tax collectors here in the UK. Sometimes I buy stuff in SF that is made in china and when it gets shipped here it is taxed have to laugh.
Why don't they just create a visitors breath tax, charging visitors for their daily co2 emissions too. If we can get enough taxes in place this world will green up a lot quicker. Lol
Robert Cravey 1
solution: do not fly to EU countries anymore
ken young 1
The Euros are pissed because the US would not sign on to the Kyoto Accords.
The EU has been trying to get back at the US with these stupid carbon emissions regs.
It's a money grab. That's all.
Robert Cravey 1
solution No. 2: Strickly prohibit US based airlines from entering EU airspace on penalty of
loss of Operationing Authority
solution No. 3: Deny EU based airlines entry to US airspace
solution No. 4: Impose economic sanctions on EU countries imporation of goods to USA
solution No. 5: Sever all political relations with EU countries for one year
Tom Bruce 1
Great! taxation without representation! The Senate finally did something? or will it die on the Senate floor?
Tom Bruce 1

[This poster has been suspended.]

Roberto Hamburger -8
Does it now mean that European and other will be able to decide that US taxes are not to be paid, because of their dislike?
This utter arrogance and nothing else on the USA side!
indy2001 9
"It (the bill) makes it clear that the place for dealing with this whole issue is an international organization that is already set up," referring to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), she said.

Barbara Boxer is as liberal as you get in the U.S. Senate, believing that government intervention is the answer to all ills. If she can live with this bill, it tells you how bad the unilateral EU action was. If anyone has been arrogant, it has been the EU.
richard weiss 1
I can see that your vast experience in aviation makes you highly qualified to comment on U.S- EU relations

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