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Dutch 737 pilot locked out of cockpit while co-pilot sleeps

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(CNN) -- Dutch airline Transavia said it has launched an investigation after a Boeing 737 pilot was locked out of the cockpit and his first officer was later found asleep at the controls. ( المزيد...

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preacher1 4
What is kinda odd is that this happened in September, 5 months ago. Ain't that just a tad behind the curve?
mark tufts 2
sounds like stupidity all across the board to me and the first officer needs to go thru retraining
Frank Harvey 1
I don't remember the AF447 details but seem to recall the Captain took some time after the incident started to return to the flight deck. Does anyone know if A330 cockpit doors can be unlocked from either of the seats or is the latch release actually attached to the door, meanig someone would have to leave their seat to open it ? This could be dangerous if both pilots fighting the controls are junior and the senior/experience is locked outside. Anyway seniority and experience don't mean perfection, I think the Dutchman who wiped out Clipper 1736 at GCXO was either KLM's Chief Pilot or IC of Pilot Training and had just recertified the FO. If I remember correctly because of the weather, diversion and traffic congestion he was runnnng close to duty hour limits for the return to EHAM.
jul737 1
I don't get it why can they open the cockpit door when on the ground and not in the air?
oneeleven111 1
During flight the cockpit door has to be "unlocked" by someone inside the flightdeck. If that person doesn't respond there is an alternative method to unlock the door from the cabin, which the crew in this situation obviously used.
jul737 1
ok thanks for the explanation I was really wondering :)
oneeleven111 2
You're welcome! The real issues start when there's two of them in there and they don't respond.... LOL!!
Or two of them outside and the door closes...
Toby Sharp 4
Oh day........
Happened to a friend of mine, brain fart with both of them out of an MD80 cockpit, no door closure though...
U fly the BAC???
oneeleven111 2
Alas not! Only BAC's left flying are with Northrop in the US as far as I know?
Toby Sharp 1
there is one in KMWL all the time
jul737 1
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Viva la Auto Pilot - Hail the Fly-by-wire technology ! ha ha ha ;-) ;-p
Robert Alexander 1
No response from the intercom? Lucky ATC wasn't trying to get ahold of him. ATC: "Transavia 737, traffic alert! Climb immediately" FO: "zzzzz ahh zzzzz ahhzzzzz"
the pilot does not sleep meditate
not wrong pilot change your mind

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