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Mr. SUV gets back in the saddle and earns wings

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After taking a break to re-gather his thoughts and nervous he finally earned his wings. ( المزيد...

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Toby Sharp 4
YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!! SO glad to hear that! Way to go!
Torsten Hoff 4
And he'll likely be a better pilot for having had a close call.
Mickey McCarthy 1
I don't see any way you could blame that guy or the SUV driver for that incident. The signage at that spot is totally inadequate, practically nonexistent if the car is making a right turn.
preacher1 3
I definitely can't blame the pilot as you just couldn't really see. If you look at the picture in the article, it bears this out. There were many responses to him in this forum and others but one thing did surface. Basically all the businesses at this airport are across the runway. This is the only road in. You have to be going there. You SHOULD know that you will be crossing an active runway and that planes do land there. Granted, the signage leaves a lot to be desired but if we are adult enough to drive a motor vehicle we need, just as pilots, to maintain situational awareness and not expect that each step will be written out for us. We have to take a measure of that responsibility ourselves.
tim mitchell 1

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