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TSA Security Directive SD-1544-09-06 : The Fallout From NW253

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Following the failed Christmas Day terrorist attack on Delta Air Lines Flight 253, operated by Northwest Airlines, from Amsterdam to Detroit, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has created a series of security measures in reaction to the incident. ( المزيد...

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Daniel Baker 0
The biggest revelation is: "3. Disable aircraft-integrated passenger communications systems and services (phone, internet access services, live television programming, global positioning systems) prior to boarding and during all phases of flight."
Andrew Stagg 0
Ironically a lot of airlines allow the use of handheld GPS receivers, so up to the last hour I could have a Garmin 496 in my lap... :)
Lynn Fisk 0
I don't like this 1hr before landing NO TOILETS, something is way WRONG with that. I mean some people have extra needs HOW LAWFUL IS THAT?
Paula Duvall 0
Interesting...and, it never fails to amaze me that the government is hysterical about aircraft safety...while our international borders are as accessible to "terrorists" as any all-night Walgreens!
gaflyboy 0
The terrorists won on 09-11-01 and their victory is amplified every year. How about we forget all these "1984" measures and concentrate on where the problem is; the bad guys (aka "racial profiling").
gaflyboy 0
We need to concentrate less on the implements of terrorism and more on those that would use them. The tools used will be ever changing. We're spending billions on "intelligence" to identify people to be wary of. If someone fits the profile, let's take extra measures with them and not ignore them in the name of political correctness.
kikia 0
This and all Security Directives contain SSI (Sensitive Security Information) and should not have posted on the internet as public information.
Judith Robertson 0
I recently met with a x-Mossad operative - he compared the CIA to the Mossad and said that the biggest difference was/is that in Israel they search for the bomber -here we search for the bomb. they have had much more experience in this than we have had - maybe we should learn from them.
skyddog 0
Two more reasons to fly Light and sanity. You can only take one person with you and you have the authority as PIC to search them, including their underwear if that's what it takes. And..(a bonus reason here)...there is no bathroom to use for setting any fuses or anything else subversive that can happen in there!
Chip Hermes 0
This kind of outrage is probably a good first step to correcting the insane system that is run like this!
David McNett 0
As Bruce Schneier says, Only two things have made flying safer since 9/11: the reinforcement of cockpit doors, and the fact that passengers know now to resist hijackers.

Everything else is just CYA security theater.
Daniel Baker 0
Makes for an expensive theater!
kikia 0
The SD issued this weekend has been amended to include less stringent security measures.
EatSleepJeep 0
The Theater Security Administration strikes again.

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