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Bolivia: Presidential plane forced to land after false rumors of Snowden onboard

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(CNN) -- Bolivian officials say their country's presidential plane had to land in Austria on Tuesday after false rumors circulated that former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden was aboard the aircraft. ( المزيد...

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Ric Wernicke 5
This interference with diplomatic travel will not serve anyone well. The obvious safety concerns for the leaders of a foreign state are not enough to stop the machinations of the US justice department from violating treaties that allow safe passage of Americans and their diplomats and executives.

It should be taken for granted that the president of any country should be allowed passage anywhere, anytime, for any reason.

This action puts Air Force One in a compromised position. The US president must always be protected, and that is done not only with arms, but also with diplomacy.

I can't understand what else Snowden might have that makes the administration so keen to capture him. The so-called "secrets" he revealed amount to no real news to any right thinking person. Is it any surprise that the phone company has records of who you called? AT&T has been doing that since Bell called Watson.
josh homer 2
Agreed. All of the people that are just now outraged haven't been paying attention for the past couple of decades. It's funny how Hannity from Fox defended Bush in 2006 when it was leaked then, but all of a sudden changed his mind. People are sheep. This is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, and those responsible should be prosecuted. Doesn't matter WHAT party is in power. Snowden is a patriot.
joel wiley 1
Good points. Going back to aviation theme, who leaned on Portugal and Spain to close the gas stations? Does anything have the range between Moscow and La Paz or Quito?

After this precedent , Presidential passage will always be in question.
Nothing like taking diplomacy to new depths for trivia.

Makes food for thought for Independence Day.
chalet 1
Moscow-La Paz about 7,000 NM, hardly possible for this french plane to make it non-stop
Kevin Brown 3
Dassault Falcon 900EX Tail # FAB 001. You can playback the flight on this website (not coming up on FlightAware for some reason)

Jon Van Staalduinen 2
Joel, I agree. But he is actively evading capture. He needs to be arrested before he enjoys the innocent until guilty perks
joel wiley 1
Very true. If the issue is to bring the domestic espionage issue to the attention of the American public, this has been accomplished. If the evasion was to create public awareness to avoid a 'disappearance', that to is accomplished. As such, I am in favor of his return to place the question before the courts. There are parallels with Daniel Ellsberg. This is tending away from aviation related issues.
Steven Fortson 2
Not all is as it seems here. Apparently they had a minor problem with a fuel gauge in Austria, and landed as a precautionary measure. Portugal has said the only thing they denied was a fuel stop. France, Spain, and Italy all denied that they had refused overflight permission.
Ethan McConnell 1
Exactly Steven - why is this not the lead part of the story now. Evo is a clear liar here.
chalet 1
If this indian Evo Morales as president of his country is also the main promoter of his country's production of coca and by extension the production of cocaine and not only that he has also expellt the DEA contingent from his country as they were a thorn in his plans to grow coca, anything short of shooting down his "presidential plane" is acceptable
Nolan Middlemas 1
I heard there were military aircraft involved in Escorting them down to the ground. Is this right?
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
This is atrocious, outrageous and preposterous. This breaks ALL norms of civility that includes diplomatic courtesy , international laws and human rights and liberties which the EU soooooooo loudly brags to be a staunch advocate of !
Are they trying to show that that they can refuse right of free passage to any one from any country/land/place not having and independent water or air way ?
No words can be enough to condemn this foolish and idiotic act . And each and every one who ever has been part of the team that prompted this move must be tried in the ICC (Int'nl Criminal Court) and be severely punished. This will be over and above a trial in the EU HR Commission !
Does it mean that ANY country surrounding Russia up to the sea can prevent passage to ANY and EVERY aircraft on flimsiest of grounds ?
How many fights will they ground and for how long ?
Are they not making fools of themselves ?
Are they not making Snownden more important than they really wish ?
Are they not making it easier for some nations to bend laws to grant Snowden asylum ?
Jon Van Staalduinen 0
This guy is guilty of treason, he has put all of our lives at risk, his crimes must be answered to. If I am on a flight and it re directs or delayed cause this goof might be on board....I am ok with that. I the vast majority of people would feel that way. I hope this guy hangs.....
joel wiley 1
Jon, this is America. Mr. Snowden has been charged with certain violations, he has not been subject to a jury trial and convicted. American justice system as a presumption of 'innocent until proven guilty.

Some time ago a bunch of guys were declared guilty of treason under a judicial system that did have 'guilty until proven innocent'. They were guilty for writing a document which started "When in the course of human events....". You might consider those concepts on this day.

yours respectfully
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
My Friend , Guilty? Not guilty? Are you competent to make that decision ? A big NO . He is alleged to have committed crime/s. There are rules of fair play, fair trial, level playing fields and all that . The extent of fair play defines the existence of civility in a system or republic or democracy . For example , compare free style boxing with game of tennis or basket ball or foot ball. All have different set of rules and risk factors .
This man is entitled to all these! No more, no less.
Jon Van Staalduinen -5
This piece of *garbage* needs to be found and brought to justice.
joel wiley 1
Well, that doesn't narrow it down very much, now does it?

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