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The SST-2707 and the 747; Unintentional Queen of the Skies

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Forty-five years ago today, on September 30, 1968, the very first Boeing 747 jumbo jet rolled out of the hangar in Everett, WA. Thousands came from all around to see the largest airplane Boeing had yet built; well over twice the size of the largest passenger jets at the time. ( المزيد...

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bill wittig 2
I was there. Very cool to see. Back then the airlines didn't treat people like stupid cattle. Do my best not to fly the airlines anymore.
JetMech24 3
Also back then, people didnt act like stupid cattle either.
bill wittig 1
I flew a lot back then as the army called. I can tell you we had twice the leg space, real meals and hostess's under 60 years old. I'll take those good ol daze anytime. Treat people like cattle that's what they'll act like.
JetMech24 1
I agree with you about the good ole' days, but when the airlines were forced to drop airfares, services, etc... to get people to fly again, more and more idiots started flying as it became more affordable and with became being treated like cattle because most of them don not deserve to be treated any better. Which is also why I will never fly on SWA, I do not have a problem with the airline, it is the morons I will be surrounded by.
Art Pauly 1
There's just something substantial about four engines.
Larry Toler 1
Great article! The 747 is a true work horse.As far as loading and unloading cargo the C5 was much easier. At least in my past experience.
jbermo 1
To think of how recent times have changed. Four engined mainliners such as BA and UA B-744's are being scrapped right now in VCV. The aftermarket $$ value for middle aged A-340's has become almost non-existant as B-787s replace them at a rapid rate. . . . I recall that during during the 60's, Western airlines had operated SLC-LAX with four engined B-720's. Today most routes as such are operated by RJ pencil jets. In 1968, few had anticipated the effects of explosive population, and the recource efficiencies that would then be demanded.
Dean Lewellen 1
I was there as well. I was a structural design engineer--worked on the basic design of this great old bird! Those were the days!!
Roland Dent 1
To date the most successful ship of the past century and continues on to this day. The formula: proven parts and simple to fix systems with FOUR engines. A true global chariot devoid of faults. It is what it is, a serviceable and repairable machine globally accepted and globally serviceable.

There are two airliners I would gladly book for my loved ones. The 747 and the A340s..the A388s are about 85% acceptable as of today.

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