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World Airways Ceases Operations

Following on the heels of competitor Evergreen International Airlines, World Airways CEO John Graber announced earlier today that World will cease operations immediately, and remaining operating businesses including North American Airlines will see significant reductions. In an email to staff, Graber said “the decisions were made by each Company Board of Directors based upon the events of this week.” ( More...

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Doug Herman 5
I've always maintained that sooner or later, we'll have two banks, two airlines, two cable TV companies, etc. The only that that keeps the number to falling to one is the anti-trust laws. So..TWA becomes American becomes US Airways (but keeping the American name)...Continental becomes United...Northwest becomes Delta. This has all been going on forever, and it's true that we have had too many (passenger and freight) carriers and it's survival of the fittest. It's hardly a surprise that Evergreen and World were unable to operate/thrive in the current environment. But we've been thinning the commercial aviation herd for decades and most of the few(er)left standing still manage to pull off a bankruptcy every decade or so to strip a few more feathers off the bird. This is not a healthy situation for the users of this regulated industry. Is there an alternative? I have no idea. Just sayin' ...
WDB57 4
You're right on Doug; That's the dark side of capitalism, the system is eating itself to the point where there would be nothing left but empty space. Without the People the process would have greatly accelerated after the Great Recession. This is what happens when you listen to the Market Priests. The alternative is very simple get back to Democracy restore the rule of law in economic matters, stop listening to snake oil salesman like Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, etc, Wall Street and Washington.
Robert Hirst 2
PV, you've got be a little more evaluative here. You're blaming the market and those who want to regulate the market. Can't be both unless you have a third way. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist. When dereg happened, it dropped the price of a ticket by giving us People Express and its progeny. At the end of the day, a lot of those people took a bunch of heat in bankruptcy court. Now, we're at market capitalism which says that small airports won't be served, that pax will get less legroom unless they pay for it and that a bag checked at the gate costs more than the blinkin' ticket. And tickets go up and pilot salaries go down. Such is the cost of airline profits.
Jeff Hacker 1
None of the above. It was Alfred Kahn who pushed airline deregulation and Jimmy Carter who made it happen. You cannot deregulate and then partially deregulate what amounts to a service business.
bbabis -1
You are barking up the wrong tree. Capitalism works just fine. Political and governmental corruption are killing our industries. There soon won't be a marketplace that isn't directly controlled by the government. Players are not determined by who competes best in the market. It is who feeds the government the best via PACs and campaign funds. The IRS, NLRB, SEC, etc are now nothing more than the attack dogs of the more powerful side. The problem is both Republican and Democrat. Both parties have proved over and over again that they cannot contain themselves from corruption when "in power." What we need is a strong third party, or more, so that no one controls 51% of anything without working for a compromise. With that we may even get a Congress and Senate that will be willing to vote on term limits. Dreams can come true.
golflaw 4
Hardly. Government regulation did not cause Icahn to destroy TWA any more than it did any other airline in the last 30 years. I'm not that young to buy the free market BS. The government ended government regulating the economics of airlines in the Carter administration. Whatever else you want to say about that decision, it has permitted companies to develop monopolies at all but the largest airports in the country and ultimately will end commercial aviation to mid size cities in this country. You must be in favor of "crony capitalism" which means get the government out of my way when I want to destroy competition, but make sure the government gives me a subsidy to keep me afloat.
bbabis 1
Before deregulation airline managers did not know how or need to manage. A profit was guaranteed by the government. That is why in 1977 I flew on a 747 from the East coast to the West coast with 14 passengers on it. This wasn't the worst case. Some flights flew empty based on mail contacts even though no mail was onboard either. It didn't take a brainchild to realize this couldn't last and every airline knew deregulation was coming. Those that didn't or couldn't prepare were easy pickings for those that did. Icahn, good or bad, was just a player in the inevitable. The well managed airlines survived. Their continued survival is unfortunately based on a government that once again heavily regulates but with no guarantee of profit this time. Hence the airlines, like every other major market player, have learned the political game.
WDB57 1
No need to bully me. What you are describing is the very result of capitalism and absence of democracy; Governments used by the incumbents to further their interests and guaranty their monopoly. Free market does not exist; my mother always told me if it is free it ain't no good. Free market buzz is good for testosterone prone male that believe that they are on the right side of the fence, with the rich and famous. You confuse free movement and fair exchange of good, service and people with unregulated, unchecked, corrupted commercial practices propped to assuage the incumbents. You should read Theo Roosevelt New Nationalism speech. Do not confuse capitalism and democracy they are antinomic. Watch that great movie "Mr Smith Goes to Hollywood" with James Stewart (1939). If anything we need controls and laws to serve the People not a few oligarchs/corporatists.
James Stack 2
Patrice bless your feminist, populist and ill-informed heart. You're extolling some mix of social justice leftward government "democracy" oriented economics. There's so many conflicting theories in this 1960's Peace Now, down-on-the-man cliche fest I don't know how to sort it out. Let's leave it at: No.
bbabis 0
Sorry Patrice. No reason to throw the B word out there. Stepping back and reading postings, I think we and golflaw all really agree. The problem does not lie in the markets or the players. They react to what the government dictates. The government is the problem. The fix is not getting rid of government involvement but electing people that will govern with the county's and its peoples' best interest at heart. You know, a government of the people by the people for the people, not for itself and all it can get.
I'll always remember this airline as the one who delivered me home from Vietnam in March of 1969. We were snowed in at Tokyo (Yakota was closed and we were the last flt to land at Tokyo intl and had to remain there for 24 hours. After a briefing, we were turned loose and my buddy who had spent 6 weeks at tachikawa (SP) AFB recovering from a gunshot wound to his ass and I headed down there. What a great time. I remember re-boarding our flight but not much else until the stews woke us to announce our decent into Seattle. They said it was the best flight they had because we were all passed out. Thanks World.
joe milazzo 2
I'm so glad that I didn't stay with NAA back in 07'. I always thought that AeroLogistics made a bad dicision placing all it's eggs in the CRAF basket!
Ian Narita 2
Anybody remember Ed Daly?
Jeff Hacker 1
Yes. One of the pioneers.
Wally Colbert 2
Another sad day in the airline business. I worked closely with World in DTW in the late 70's & 80's when they flew Stretch 8's and DC-10's for charter work in the motor city!
joe milazzo 1
Looks like North American is done too. They're airline all their crews home and has cant their AMC flights!! This coming from a friend who was supose to leave today on NAA from Norfolk!!!
I started my career in Commercial Aviation in 1968 with EASTERN AIR LINES and quit working for them in 1988. I had hoped to stay until retirement age but Frank Lorenzo and Frank Borman's fighting made me look for other work. A year later EAL closed their doors. I began work with AIRBORNE EXPRESS in 1988 and retired from their successor ABX AIR INC. in 2008 just before DHL, who had purchased AIRBORNE , left Wilmington, Ohio and reportedly approximately 10,000 jobs (many were part-time) to return to CVG. I remember when the Airline Deregulation Law was passed and have seen both sides. I can only say I was blessed to have made the career changes when I did.
I heard that Eastern may make a comeback.

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James Stack 1
Northwest Orient was merged into Delta in late 2000's. They're no more.
Kyle Kowalski 1
This is sad. I like World Airways. I hope they keep one of their MD-11's in a museum or something
In 1963 I flew on my first jet, a brand new World Airways Boeing 707. I can still see the white jet trimmed in red, setting on the the tarmac at Travis AFB. We flew on to Hickum AFB,
Paul Fetcko 1
World airways took me to Vietnam in 1971. Left from McGuire AFB, NJ to Ancorage to Tokyo to Bien Hoa. We had Stewardesses, Hot meals and comfortable seats. What a way to go to war.I hate to see it disappear.
Matt Hauke 1
I liked this airline. They are one of the better military rotators to the Middle East and back to the states. They are way better than Omni Airlines which packs in their seats like a cattle car to the point where you are in extrema pain 30 minutes after takeoff. World airlines had slightly wider seats and more legroom in their MD-11s.

To be fair though, if it wasn't for the Iraq/Afg war this airline would have went out of business a decade ago. The only thing keeping them afloat were the military contracts. Now that the war is winding down, they are losing a lot of their business.
ilikerio 1
No!!! What happens to their dear MD-11s?
pdixonj -1
my thoughts exactly....sadly, if they can't be sold they'll most likely get parted out.
haroldrutila 0
Those complaining about mergers and how it's "unhealthy" for the industry should take a look back at history and see how this cycle has been going on since the dawn of commercial aviation. There will be another period where there are many different airlines, then another where they all merge. It's a normal cycle in this industry.
linbb 1
As is with anything in our economy should have happen. We don't have the EU mind set of high taxes, every thing is supported by them and look at the mess they are in. Either a business is healthy or fails sad fact sometimes but things move on. I feel for those who loose there jobs because of poor management but that's not always the case. The worst and I worked in it for a time early in my career was general aircraft, never knew when the IRS was going to padlock the doors.
Derek Vaughn 0
They will likely be parked and cannibalized for parts.
Never hear of them till flight simulator come out,even then just thought it was a Microsoft flight sim aircraft makeup name.Oh well live by the sword die by the sword.

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Always a negative and often foul mouthed cursing from James Branch. Pity you choosed to not submit something positive and based on data.
It is a site for civil opinions, he voiced his...
Why is that???


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