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Watch seven jets landing in perfect formation

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They may not have the cool F-16s of the US Air Force's Thunderbirds or the ultra-cool Northrop F-5E Tiger II of the Patroullie Suisse, but the Spanish Air Force's Patrulla Águila (Eagle Patrol) can do some cool tricks too. Here they are landing in formation. ( المزيد...

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Jeremy Kudlick 5
The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds COs are now watching this video trying to figure out how to safely land 6 Hornets and Falcons in formation. ;)
Richard Smith 3
The Blue Angels used to do it in the 70's when they flew F4's !!
Jake Hanna 0
Man I would love to have seen that! The F-4 is a monster!!
Scott Campbell 3
who's the cow sandbagging?
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
ho ho ha ha
nice observation
Sue Jillings 2
Yea I agree, it does sound like a cow in the air! Wonderful filming!
skyhawkrg 2
Doesn't Canada have an exibition flying team?
Rob Kamphuis 3
siriusloon 4
And they do nine-plane formation takeoffs and landings when they perform at an airport or air base with a wide enough runway.
Bill Butler 2
That was absolutely beautiful. Watched it more than once.
Fred Potts 2
This team does not fly F-5E Tiger II jets as stated in the article. They fly Casa C-101 Aviojets. Nice precision landing for sure!
Rob Kamphuis 3
Fred, I think the article says the Tiger's are with the Patroullie Suisse, and does not actually say which jet the Spanish I thank you for that!!!!
AWAAlum 2
"Spanish fly" lol. Oops-is that inappropriate?
AWAAlum 1
"Spanish fly" lol. Oops-is that inappropriate?
Fred Potts 1
Thanks Rob. After a re-read I see that the Spanish flight team's aircraft are not mentioned!
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
my view as a non flier, a clever style of avoiding/minimizing turbulence by first landing the trailing craft , and last by the leading craft in the front !
Gr8 precision however ! Commendable .
El Thirtynine 1
Czech Albatross L39s?
sueridge307 1
Not bad not bad at all
tim mitchell 1
no thank you
Tim Swift 1
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. So many countries with great teams.
Lerabougris 1
Indeed, great precision flying, but then again, not surprising from the Spaniards, who have perfected the lethal choreography of the corrida, mere centimeters away from the horns of 2-ton Andalusian Miura bulls... Flying like this or facing toros takes muy cojones... Incidentally, where could one find an exhaustive list of national aerobatics teams with names, type of aicraft flown, etc...? Also, non-military teams of renown would be a good addition. Thanks
Lerabougris 1
Shd've tought about it...
Loretta Thyssen 1
Amazing considering how unpredictable wind can be.
Jamar Jackson 1
Awesome skill and trust
frank gorham 1
Worried a bit about the left wingman - Suspect those white puffs in his exhaust are from excess throttle movements, AND the tire smoke long after his touchdown speaks of excess braking???
frank gorham 1
Watching the sequence a second time - correction needed: looks more like a defective smoke oil valve in the left wingman and same after landing, not from brakes. Same thing briefly for the 2nd bird in trail - just in front of the camera plane. Nice job by all!
John Taylor 1
Google "squat switch" .......
Leighton Elliott 1
I thought I heard some goats in the video. Was Nepal Airlines nearby sacrificing for an MRO issue?
Tom Lull 2
Think there was a cow in the back seat.
Dave H 1
No nit picking here, just a great video, the landing was awesome! Thanks for the memories!
Robert Lake 1
Thanks for the video. Was flying an F-4 into Plattsburgh AFB in the 80s for static display for an air show and was asked to hold VFR while the Snowbirds did their arrival show. Very impressive to watch their 9 ship formatting from the air, especially their 9 ship landing. Now I have an idea what it looks like from inside the formation. Did some crazy drinking with the Snowbird guys that night and asked them about contingencies for blown tires in a 9 ship landing. They said they changed tires every other show and if they did blow one, the SOP was to take it into the grass (not sure what the guy in the middle was supposed to do). Thanks again for sharing. BobintheLake
John Taylor 1
Spot on Robert. The F-4 was a piece a cake. Stack level to just a bit high all the way to TD; no big deal on either wg! NOW! In the middle of a "gaggle" like those guys?? No clue!! :)
Buford Ness 1
Good pictures.
Tony Vienonen 1
What was that cow noise?
MR B 0
Maybe it was a cow?
Tom Lull 1
Good job - Enjoyed it - Question: Where did they keep the cow???
MR B -2
Nice simulation.
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
Simulation! Really?
MR B 1
... Of a cow. ;-p

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