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Alaska Airline suffered operational, training flaws before deadly crash

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An Alaska commuter airline routinely failed to inform pilots of shifting weather conditions and other hazards leading up to a 2013 crash in western Alaska that killed four people, the National Transportation Safety Board said on Friday. The Cessna 208B, a single-engine turboprop, had been heading from Bethel to Mountain Village in deteriorating winter weather and crashed about a mile (1.6 km) southeast of St. Mary's Airport in southwestern Alaska. The pilot and three passengers were killed,… ( المزيد...

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pirahna432 30
That's a very misleading headline. It makes people think of Alaska Airlines.
conmanflyer 5
I just thought the same thing!
linbb 2
I agree but doesn't grab you if it was say An Alaska Airline would just like the 737 incident loosing cabin pressure.
Wasn't it secured properly?
Tom Jones 1
I agree...that was my first thought
btweston -7
Well, not really. It's an airline, and it's in Alaska. If it said "Endor Airline," then you'd have a point. This headline, when read properly, suggests exactly what the article is about.
Josh Wright 5
They should have used the adjective... "Alaskan Airline" would have been more accurate.
Matthew Takamine 1
They capitalize "Alaska Airline," making it appear to refer to the proper noun. If the headline read "Alaska airline...," it would be less likely to be misleading.
tahoehoop 1
Try "Hageland Aviation" and it would be correct.
Robert Macon 12
The headline is slightly misleading due to the word "Airline" being capitalized, and misuse of the word "Alaska" as an adjective to describe that airline. If it's meant to be about an airline in Alaska, it should read "Alaskan airline". Whether by intention or by accident, the headline can be misread to evoke Alaska Airlines.
Jack Foster 3
At the risk of stating a BFO (B being blinding and O being Obvious), when reading a "headline" my mindset is to grab the obvious. When reading about flying and/or travel by flying I relate to very general terms. The use of Alaska jumps to Alaskan Airlines. more people will read the article that way, or buy the paper. It is an old journalism trick. Like when a TV stations does a bit at commercial break at 8:30 "WORLD COMES TO AN END!!! Details at eleven."
Susan Post 3
Shame on you, FlightAware, for capitalizing "airline." Automatic F. And even more points off for the inadvertant slam of a really fine company.
preacher1 2
You can't blame FA. That headline belongs to the poster
Richard Bushey 2
Agree. James T, the poster, changed the headline of the Reuters story when he wrote the headline for the post.
Charles Conerity 2
*nod* And the linked article does use "airline", not "Airline".
tahoehoop 1
Agree....use "Hageland Aviation" and be correct
preacher1 2
It is sad that a pretty decent article has been hijacked by a CAPITAL A
gcarte 2
I totally agree with Michael, that is HORRIBLE to list "Alaska Airline" which is a well known and safe airline. You owe Alaska Airlines a BIG apology published widely for all to see. I'm not and never was an employee Alaska Airlines, but flown many times in my 48 years living in Alaska. Horrible, just horrible!
Eloren Nerole 1
Isn't is the airline that was featured on Flying Wild Alaska operated by Jim Tweto?
wb2cjs 1
Yes, but they sold it.
Kevin Cusworth 1
Is this the airline that was featured on Discovery Channel.
It was "Flying Wild Alaska" and was owned by the Tweto Family.
Era Alaska was the airline.
Kevin Cusworth 1
Ive just read a comment below and it was. They sold it.
tahoehoop 1
FLIGHT AWARE should reword the headline. Hageland Aviation is the "Airline", not "Alaska Airline." FlightAware lists both and ASA deserves a well publicized apology for the misleading headline.
Peter Vincent 1
They got you to read it didn't they. Mission accomplished.
Harvey Pierce 1
Should I be Alaska Airline, I would demand a apology and rewrite of the article. Flightaware should have know this would lead readers to assume a Major Airline. This could lead to a libel or slander of the airline.
crewdoggy 1
I agree with the posts written before. A very very poorly written headline. How about a headline that read "An Alaskan commuter airline suffered......." And I agree with the commentator who said an apology should be offered to all the folks at Alaska Airlines and the airline itself.
Bob Plested 0
All the news that fits, we print.
David Kerr 0
Wrong on so many levels. The airline is Alaska Airlines, not Alaska Airline. "Alaska Airline" doesn't really implicate Alaska Airlines. A little attention to detail by using a small "a" would have avoided some confusion, but saying "an Alaskan airline" would have avoided any confusion.

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