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Eastern Air Lines to operate its first revenue flight tomorrow

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After 24 years, 4 months and 7 days, Eastern resumes revenue flight operations tomorrow. MIA-HAV-MIA. Time to re-earn our wings… ( المزيد...

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Curtis Wester 3
I wish them best of luck. It will be nice to see that logo and name in the air again and maybe a little more competition!!
AirlinersGallery 3
No true in this case Paul. The new Eastern had to go through a long Part 121 AOC process which included FAA proving flights and certification which includes writing manuals and crew training. FAA proving flights concluded on May 5 and the new AOC was issued to the new airline on May 13. The FAA AOC number is not the same as the old Eastern. They are separate companies.

The new airline acquired the rights to use the Eastern name and logo.

You are correct, sometimes AOCs will be sold by dormant carriers to new entrants and the new companies will use the old AOC for the new company if approved by the FAA. It did not happen in this case. Bruce Drum
David Stark 3
Now if they would just bring back the Tristar...
Herb Fischer 2
Did anyone ever fly that airplane and not love it? Boeing builds a fine airplane, but Lockheed seems to build one that I can get emotional about- besides the Tristar, I flew the C-130 and the T-Bird. Years ago, we had a multi carrier ALPA Meeting at DFW. After the meeting,a Delta guy, an Eastern Guy, a TWA guy and I (Pan Am and later United)sat in the back of somebody's van, drank beer, and talked about what a great airplane the L-1011 was!
Grant Baker 1
Just curious, what is it about the L-1011 that made it so great?
Herb Fischer 1
Are you Grant Baker from Pan Am? Hard to say without sounding kind of ridiculous. Maybe Ernest Hemingway said it best...."You love a lot of things if you live around them, but there isn't any woman nor any horse nor any before nor any after that is as lovely as a great airplane, and men who love them are faithful to them even though they leave them for others."
Grant Baker 1
Good quote, no I'm just a designer who happens to love airplanes and I'm always curious about the kinds of machines and things that go beyond usable or simply utilitarian to become something that is loved.
Peter Wreschinsky 1
How nice would that be.
Loral Thomas 1
I'll be the first to buy a ticket - don't care where it goes - just to hear those lovely RB-211's again.
Ralph Miller 2
Great to see this happen. So many did so much I'm sure. We could have done a lot these 24+ years if it kept going...
TWA55 2
Good to see the eastern logo back in the skies. Hey if Frontier can come back who knows.
BaronG58 1
Maybe Muse Air..I miss those purple planes. )
mike prendergast 2
Good luck to all involved!
Fidel Mendez 1
Great for Eastern,back in business.
Chris Sloan 1
Actually, the flights have been delayed a few days.
AirlinersGallery 1
Update on World Airline News: The first revenue flight has now been operated. Today N276EA is operating to Camaguey, Cuba. It should be noted this is a completely different ownership group from the original ownership group (Texas Air Corporation). Only the name and livery is the same. Here is a picture of the first flight departing the gate at Miami:
Carlos Morales 1
Henry Arrington 1
This is great news hope the best for all at Eastern
Henry Arrington 1
I would love to see a 727 with Eastern logo and colors one more time
paul mosher 1
For all you aviation "experts" out there: operating certificates don't disappear because the airline shuts down. They still exist and are bought and sold because of the great difficulty in time and money qualifying for one. The Braniff and Pan Am ones are still out there.
The only one that I know of was the Prinair cert. Feds destroyed it because they were so egregious.
Chantal Massicot 0
Amazing how these airlines can file for bankruptcy and years later bounce back. Good luck 🍀
flypilot12 -2
paul mosher 2
Coptermech is it isn't spinning around trying to destroy itself you're not interested?

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