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Two Greek F16 fighter jets intercepted a Delta Airlines Boeing 767

Two Greek F16 fighter jets intercepted a Boeing 767-400ER of Delta Airlines plane after it strayed into its airspace in the Mediterranean Sea without identifying itself, according to Greek media. The civil aircraft reportedly belonged to Delta Airlines and was flying from Germany to Kuwait. But mystery surrounds why the pilots did not identify themselves to Greek authorities. Reports say the passenger jet first appeared on Greek radar at 7.10pm last night (Thursday). After failing to respond two… ( More...

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I wish someone would explain the use of the word "Strayed".....particularly in 2016. Back in the stick and ball days of the DC-3, perhaps, but with GPS?
Thure Skogman 1
It's quite simple.

To motivate the cost of keeping multi-million miliary aircraft in service, someone has to scramble a couple of sorties per annum to get the same budget volume in the future.

I think Texans call it:
'If you stumble into my yard, wounded, I won't help - ya'll be shot, as a precaution ..."
Thure Skogman 2
Sorry about the shabby proof-reading there.
'Military', is what I should've ritten.
Ole Eskildsen 1
Well, the pilots might have forgotten to recharge their phones so they couldn't use the GPS.

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Phil Barnes 1
Not If they are using VFR........... ;-)
joel wiley 2
Do you think VFR is applicable at FL330?
Phil Barnes 1
I was mainly commenting about the gps .... ;-)
Yup, in uncontrolled airspace...
Doesn't, not DOSNT...

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David Barnes 7
Thrustt was pointing out that in all your pomposity and arrogance, you are not using the English language correctly. The word is "Doesn't" not "DOSNT".

So I guess you didn't comprehend his post.

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Lance Neward 5
As a product of LA City Schools, you apparently don't know the difference between "imply" and "infer" either. Grady implied, you inferred.
30west 4
PFH, they don't want to waste their time with your silliness.

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AWAAlum 3
One would imagine an "Esq." would have more pressing matters than to log onto a website and spend time arguing an issue not even germane to the thread. Grow up !
Ruger9X19 1
As a mechanic, from what I've seen pilots do to planes I would have to say yes it is not only possible but very likely there is at least one.

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David Barnes 6
I've seen far more planes broken by ill-informed pilots than those broken by mechanics. It's those of us with grease under our fingernails who get to take care of the stuff broken by the starched white shirts.

Though that discussion is outside of the scope of this topic.

To the point, it's quite widely speculated/reported that the cockpit crew may have been asleep, at which point they would not have seen the F16s.
Stats show that 87% of all airlines crashes are caused by "CREW ERROR" then there is weather mechanical failure 1.8% with parts failure 3% and aircraft design. At Boeing plant there used to be a poster that showed the future of flying.I showed the pilot in the left seat of an entirely computer operated flight,with a monkey holding a stick in the left seat.Asking the pilot of his duties he replies" I talk to the passengers to welcome them aboard and make them feel at ease giving them information about the flight,When asking the engineer in the jump seat about the monkey's duties.He replied "To beat the pilot with the stick if he touches anything in the cockpit outside of the radios".
James Derry 4
You cannot make a statistical study of the 1000s of times when pilot interventions avoided an accident/incident. Because nothing happened! It has always irritated me that normally intelligent people never seem to consider this fact. Like a good driver, who through skill, avoids morons on the road, stops before hitting the child chasing a ball, the bike-rider who falls, the driver that didn't indicate a turn etc. Then one day, he cannot avoid something and "proves" that drivers "cause" accidents. All bogus.

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David Barnes 2
In this matter, I'll refer to the word of the F16 pilots quoted in a few news venues who suggested that they appeared to be asleep. They're the closest we will likely ever have to eyewitnesses. Speculation it may be, but it's evidence based.
John Skerencak 16
Another aviation blog reported the pilots were asleep, and when the passengers saw the fighters outside the aircraft the flight attendants banged on the cockpit door to wake up the pilots. LOL!
joel wiley 2
Has there been anything to corroborate this?
Delta again hiring the incompetent.Ten to one that most of their hours are from flying "The Parker Pen" .
canuck44 11
Military charter? Delta not scheduled into Kuwait.
Kyle B-R 6
The A/C was being operated by Delta on behalf of US Transportation Command/Department of Defence, according to the Aviation Herald (
Comments on this website are like comments from kindergarten, I sure hope these people are not commercial pilots, that would be very frightening.
Ole Eskildsen 2
Maybe Delta Airlines' Greek interpreter momentarily went to the lavatory.
jmilleratp 3
So, Delta, through its Endeavor Airlines regional, fires me while I am in the middle of getting my FAA Medical Certificate back. And, instead, they have these stooges flying for them? Great.

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jmilleratp 4
No, it just means that an idiot like you runs both Endeavor and Delta.

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ric lang 1
Jesus! It's spelled "FLEDGED". Apparently your LA schooling is still in control of your ability to butcher the language. It would appear that THRUSTT & I shall have to pick up the gauntlet & become your human thesaurus and dictionary. BTW: The term esq. usually is reserved by individuals to denote their membership to the bar. Are you?
jmilleratp 0
No, whoever this btweston character is, the one who trolls these boards.
brian Gaskill -4
...such a douche bag. Talk about incompetent, who's the anonymous troll writing fodder throughout the squawks of this website..

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Ronnie B. 2
Strange indeed......
John Shearer 1
Wow, the quickness to judge when obviously not informed is startling, even for this old EAL real captain. Ease up on the Delta hiring practices and let's just say that in the end, duty rigs and scheduling are much to blame for most incompetence, since we are all humans in need of proper and adequate rest.
AWAAlum 2
Amen to that !
It boils down to the type of "Parker Pen flying" pilots that Delta continues to hire.Check out all the Delta incidences in the last 10 years.They were both asleep on the flight deck.Peter Pilots all.
KitBagJack 1
I'll bet they were both working on JUNE's "bid sheets" (flying schedule)
Arun Nair 1
There is no scheduled Delta flights from Germany to Kuwait. This must be some military charter. And I really have a hard time believing they 'accidently strayed' into Greek airspace! What is the real story here?
AWAAlum 1
Question: When intercepted by fighter jets, what happens next?
The Delta A/C was intercepted by the two Greek F-16's at 19:49h 7NM east of Santorini island, maneuvering and trying different radio frequencies flying even in front of the Delta A/C using light signals with no response. Finally, at 19:55h the Delta pilots contacted the Greek authorities.
joel wiley 1
Maybe the pilots were in radio contact with the home office or the charterer asking for instructions. I suspect the details will not become public from official sources.
It sure seems that Delta Airlines have had more pilot induced problems then any other U.S.A. airlines and not just recently.Go back to the times when the FAA wanted the airlines in the US to induce a more equal responsible relations in the cockpit many years ago taking away the "I am the Captain and you are a puke " syndrome pilots called it "Charm School" Delta balked at the idea saying that their captains were still the commanders of their flight decks.Check about the accident (727) at DFW when it didn't get off the ground because of the flaps settings.The voice recordings were of the Captain,copilot,and flight attendant in the cockpit at the time joking about the sex ability of another flight attendant in the aircraft and no checklist was heard before attempted takeoff. Many landings at the wrong airports and other incandescence of these "Parker Pen" flyers.
Jim DeTour 0
If there were any predator drone or gunship operating crews onboard they got the idea of what its like being helpless on the receiving end. Maybe even it was boys being boys and some remnants of the staff that wasted the doctors without borders staff in Afghanistan were onboard the flight. Would make sense if there were any Greek doctors killed.
gerardo godoy -3
On International Flights stay away from American Airlines.
That's my thinking. But now, Egypt Air.....


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