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21 Airlines to Move Terminals Overnight During Massive LAX Relocation Effort in Mid-May

Twenty-one airlines will be relocated in mid-May at LAX in what airport officials are calling one of the largest terminal moves in the history of commercial aviation. ( More...

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Tony Smith 15
"During the relocation, passengers are advised to check into their flights online and arrive earlier than normal"
So instead of the usual leaving 4 hours before a flight - 1.5 hours on the 405, another 45 minutes to get around the congested airport roadways and then another hour to get through ticketing/security just in time for the flight to start boarding, passengers will have to allot 6 hours. Might as well just come and sleep at the airport the night before.
mariofer 3
LOL. I think you are spoiled Tony. Been in LA many times and yes it is tough. I think though that you need to take a breather to So. Florida, spend couple of hours on I-95 enjoying the total freedom of traffic regulation obedience requirements and arrive to MIA in the middle of the international flight rush, which on Mondays and Fridays coincides with the cruise ship passenger rush. This will put the whole thing in perspective. I think after that you'll go to LAX and start hugging people in the terminal. Cheers!
Nicholas Huff 3
I'll never understand how you guys can stand large metros. I fly out of either Sioux City or Omaha; when using SUX I can leave my house 40 minutes from my flight time and park less than 100' from the entrance. $300 or less RT to go to Any major airport in the US (other than MSP). Leaving from Omaha isn't much more time than that other than an hour of wide open 70 MPH interstate driving. I make a lot of trips in and around DC and can't fathom how you guys spend 4 or more hours total sitting in traffic every day. Makes my head spin.
Born and raised in Omaha. My parents live out in West Omaha, near Boys Town. Because of that, I've always lived with the following rule: If you can not get from one end of town to the other in less than 30 minutes drive, the town is too big. Seems to work regardless of where I've lived or have relatives: OKC, LAS, PDX, or here in SMF. I had friends in Torrance, which made LAX access easy, as I could go straight up Sepulveda Blvd. But anything else is too much.

As far as LAX goes, it sounds funny, but you may get there faster with surface streets. Worked for us getting to the Grove from LAX, versus the 405 and the 10.
joel wiley 4
At times on the 405, you can't get from one exit to the next in 30 minutes.
Fred B Rillo 2
Yes... all true... but it doesnt snow in South Florida where I live..
joel wiley 1
That's true if you live in So. FLA and are under 40...
James Hays 1
I'll never understand how you guys can stand any commercial air service. I leave my house, drive 20 minutes to the airport, park my car in the hangar, preflight the plane and can be in the air 20 minutes after airport arrival. Within 40 minutes of leaving my house, I can be in the air within a day's flight of anywhere in the country putting me at my destination well ahead of any commercial service. From Colorado, I can be in OMA in two hours. #FlyPrivate

Also, you do understand that flights out of KSUX are subsidized by the Essential Air Service Act, right? While I think that this Act offers an incredible opportunity to the country and small communities that airlines typically wouldn't touch because the economics of such would never make sense, I hope you realize that 50% or more of your airline ticket is subsidized by the rest of us. So, you're welcome!
Roger Curtiss 7
That's great but not all of us can afford our own planes.
indy2001 2
Are you going to provide air service to Sydney and/or Auckland for our cruise next February? I have a PPL as well but there are times when commercial is the only realistic way to go and for major 15-hour flights you need to go to the biggest airports.
Mike Boote 1
Atlantis cruise?
Joseph Cooney 1
Ah the convenience of modernization.
Pa Thomas 7

That LAX Ground LiveATC feed is going to get a major workout over the course of that week!
paul gilpin 1
SmokedChops 4
perhaps they can enlist some of the crew involved in relocating Kai Tak to Chek Lap Kok in Hong Kong in 1998...
Loyd Enochs 3
Guess I picked the right time to avoid LAX ;)
joel wiley 3
May 12, 14, 16 Friday, Sunday, Tuesday. 2 million pax May/2015.
How many regulars will be on Automatic Passenger and head like homing pigeons to their expected spot.
Carmagadons were successes after months of massive PR and PSA bulletins. How much of that has LAX been doing?
Will be 'interesting' especially from afar.
Loyd Enochs 4
Interesting ONLY from afar - a disaster onsite ;)
scott8733 2
Over/ under on # of gate agents, ATC'S, and rampers who will use sick time from 5/12-5/16?

This situation may cause Wikipedia to add another few lines to the 'gong show' definition when it's all said and done.
Mike Boote 2
Very smart move for Delta as now they will be with or next door to their alliance members. American has that now, for the most part. This leaves United with few options. It does explain United's saying they want to occupy all of the new mid-field concourse when it is built. Delta is putting a pile of cash into this. I like the roof-top Sky Club idea!
indy2001 2
Why would United want to move to the new midfield terminal (which will only have 11 gates to start) and be even MORE isolated from everything than they already are? It is being built for the international carriers, not UAL. They may think they can swoop in and steal it but I don't think LAWA will let them get away with that. Besides, with a UAL hub in SFO it would be bone-headed for them to start a new turf war with AAL and DAL. Hopefully they'll come to their senses and continue improving their current facilities in T7.
Joseph Cooney 1
Key comment here is "WHEN IT IS BUILT"... we will not be holding our breath.
Mike Boote 1
They have broken ground already. I don't know what the completion date is projected to be
Damon Harvey 2
Im gonna go out on a limb here and predict...a FLAWLESS TRANSITION.....not a ripple in my tipple...
Mike Boote 1
Do you bet against yourself in Vegas, too?
Damon Harvey 2
Im gonna go out on a limb here and predict....NOT A FLAWLESS TRANSITION.....not so much as a ripple in my tipple.....
Pa Thomas 2
I'm going out on a thinner limb and predict: You might be correct!
Ron S. 1
What was that great line?

"Prediction? ....Paaain."
Ron S. 1
Joseph Cooney 0
Read that as "Chaos to the nth degree." They can't get that terminal functioning properly previously... the changes will not make a significant improvement. It's kind of like road projects here in Las Vegas in and around McCarran that never end.
Curse of the times. Infrastructure issues and organized labor foot dragging.


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