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Boeing 787-10 completes First Flight

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The Next gen of 787 took flight today from S Carolina (Not Seattle) ( المزيد...

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linbb 1
Great plane and will continue with the Boeing legacy like the 737,777 and many others.
Christopher Harkins 0
lol trying to use dislike bots in an attempt to remove my article
linbb -1
This site is all about airbus and anything that is Boeing is down voted. Its now not aviation but internet trolls who know little or nothing about aircraft but need to post everywhere. They have absolutely nothing better to do. Much like mh370 and his love affaire with that crash,
Torsten Hoff 5
How about we acknowledge and recognize EVERY manufacturer's successes and achievements? If you want a brand-specific forum, they are out there...
Wolfgang Prigge 1
The down voting could simply be because it's the second article on first flight the B787-10 within les than two days. It's better to check first if there's an earlier squawk with the same subject.

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