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Airline overbooking under scrutiny with Congress set to hold hearings

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With the US Congress preparing to hold hearings next week on the state of airline customer service, the practice of overbooking flights is coming under scrutiny, and both airline policies and potential legislation regarding overbooking are being closely watched. ( المزيد...

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Mike Hindson-Evans 2
There s an interesting link in the ribbon on the right-hand side of the page to which the link above directs you:

>>A4A airlines will no longer remove boarded passengers from aircraft <<

This looks like progress - but what effect will it have, long term, on ticket prices and airline profitability? But is an MAJOR American airline NOT a member of "Airlines for America"?
shahpurpatell 2
When I wait at a bus-stop to get on a bus (in the UK), I have absolutely no expectation of being served by any one of a number of operators. When I book a cab in advance to pick me up from one location to take me to another, I have a greater expectation of the service being provided. Once I have boarded a bus or a cab, I really do not expect to be ejected from my seat because the service provider has identified some other people to take in my place. What I want airlines to buy into is that once they have accepted my payment and boarded me onto a flight, there would be very little likelihood of being ejected from my allocated seat. What has been confusing is to refer to every one waiting at a boarding gate for a flight as a passenger, when in fact you have passengers and you also have people queuing for a seat on an as available basis. It would be honest to sell tickets to fly at a reasonable cost and ticket-coupons to stand by at a cheaper rate. As a consumer I could choose to plan my journey (book a cab) or take my chances (wait for the bus). It would be good for airlines to make clear what service they are selling.
C Anderson 5
Overbooking is a practice that has been badly mis-managed by the few for which the many will suffer. If the industry will not adequately police itself, your bumbling Uncle will get involved resulting in universal unhappiness and misery.
linbb -4
Over booking isn't that bad as many make it but filling the plane each time it leaves keeps the cost down for all.
Stupid people do stupid things like not comply with orders, then figure it out. Rather than screem like a girl and act like you are entitled like that stupid guy did man up and walk off the plane. Too many these days think that you can yell and video your way out of things.
Seth Stoll 0
We certainly don't need more government "help", and the airlines are already reacting to the market and changing their policies.

I think overbooking is not as necessary as in the past. Nowadays if I no-show, they certainly don't refund my ticket. If I make a change, they gladly charge me $200. I understand airlines protecting their investment and making a profit. But their recent policy changes to reduce overbooking and pay thousands of $ for volunteers show there is room in the budget for a better customer experience.
patrick baker -1
this is publicity seeking congress's latest wet dream- making hearings out of public frustration and anger. Overbooking will and must continue since 90%plus load factors are commonplace now, and now-shows spell the difference between profit and loss on any segment. There should be no reason to examine the practice anymore as delta and united have bumped, ha-ha-, up their payouts for voluntary bumping. Problem solved, more or less. Everything else is rehashing cell-phone footage that we have all seen and been revulsed at.
Bernie20910 4
I'm not sure what you think the job of Congress is, but part of it is ensuring the welfare of the American people. Things that anger and frustrate them, and which result in the kinds of incidents we've seen of late, are 100% within the purview of Congress.
Andy Cruickshank -1
There is NO reason that Congress should be spending time here given the other issues they have to face. We have other, better qualified resources to take care of these issues. Just an opportunity to grandstand. They are totally out of touch with reality.
Timothy McDonnell 5
No way, making overbooking illegal is why more important than passing a budget.
linbb 0
WHY more important than passing a budget? Try again to miss the point.
Seth Stoll 4
I believe Timothy was employing sarcasm.

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