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Stuck in Teterboro

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Corporate pilot parodies "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys while he laments flying out of the busiest GA airport in the world. ( المزيد...

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beki stinton 0
Well he lands here with me at FAB....So can not wait to hear what he sings about next!!!.;-))
Daniel Baker 0
Nicely done!
cbw 0
Very well put together!
Peter Wine 0
That was great! Encore! Encore!
Norman Bessant 0
Well done, ah! the life of a corporate pilot!...hurry up and wait!
matt giri 0
Very Cool!!
Raymond Herron 0
Priceless!!! Great Work!
toolguy105 0
Nicely done!
doublex 0
Teterboro is 91st busiest in the US (2009). Counting only non air carrier airports, Van Nuys and Deer Valley run more than twice the number of airplanes......
Alfredo Fagel 0
maybe a better ending would've been waiting in line and being # 25 for takeoff
Wayne Stallings 0
Line up and wait...we've been doing that for years at TEB
frank1711 0
Very cool! Good job!
alicia tesnow 0
That was awesome!!!!!
Kaye Hall 0
Everytime I hear the sone on the radio, I sing Teterboro now!!! Great video
jetcenterteri 0
Oh my lands - hank you for the laughs! You are a hit in BZN! There was a time when I considered moving to TEB just to work around a higher volume of corporate traffic .... I have decided it was a brief period of insanity. From the looks of it, you guys don't fly that much.... you just sit and wait : )
jetcenterteri 0
make that "thank you" not hank you! my bad
Joel Rodriguez 0
Haha, that was a great laugh for the start of a Monday morning. =)
David Sternberg 0
I'm a regular at TEB now, and took my lessons there at Beech East in 1978. When a LearJet landed, we prop guys used to run out to look at it. Now when I land in my Cherokee 180, the Jet guys run out to watch! Great job with the video.

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