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B-52s will return to a ready-to-fly posture not seen since the Cold War

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"That means the long-dormant concrete pads at the ends of this base’s 11,000-foot runway — dubbed the “Christmas tree” for their angular markings — could once again find several B-52s parked on them, laden with nuclear weapons and set to take off at a moment’s notice. " ( المزيد...

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scott8733 11
There's something majestic about the B-52. Such an incredible storied history.

But I'd much rather see them at an airshow than a big gang of them re-equipped with nukes. Scares the bejesus out of me.
Eutimio Archuleta 1
What about the IDIOT in RNK, don't he scare the bejesus out of you? At least our folks are sane and are prepping for just such an event in order to put a pause in his thinking, I really don't think he wants to commit suicide.
Alan Dahl 5
I wouldn’t bet on sanity at our end either. This is a quite distressing situation IMHO.
allench1 2
Alan that is a bold statement about our military leaders that have much more information than are being shared. One note; those same B52 that were the major part of SAC in the 50's kept russia in check for years, thus the renewal of the statement walk softly but carry a big stick by President Roosevelt.
Alan Dahl 2
My concern isn't about deterrence, it's about the US launching an unprovoked nuclear strike. The fact that even Republican Senators have expressed concern about this is very worrying.
Philippe-Joseph Salazar 2
Indeed I see your point now. I was not aware of those senator's disquiet. But let us go back to aviation and the B52s. A pre-emptive strike, or a strike (whether provoked or unprovoked, which is a fluid notion especially in an age when wars are no longer declared ie with a clear causation from an act of aggression to a response sanctioned in international law, a casus belli) has to be preceded by a demonstration of force. Ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads can be launched from submarines. But submarines, and it is their very function are invisible. B52s are not. Their visibility, their "majesty" as Scott8733 says, together with a chain of commands that plays on time leading to a full alert (which takes time and can be rolled back, and moved forward again, thus enhancing strategic suspense), is part of the equation. B52s show the possibility of force like no sub can (and should, by doctrine).
Brin Kerr 1
Just out of curiousity, have any of you ever read the English transcripts of Sadam Hussein? Like most paranoid dictators, he kept extensive recordings of his thoughts (as many of our presidents have also done). An interesting point related to this topic: SH only ever wanted a nuke so that the USA would leave Iraq alone. Does anyone think it's possible that KJU wants a nuke for the same reason? After all, the USA is not most respectful country of foreign democratic processes or sovereignty.
Philippe-Joseph Salazar 1
Hi Brin. No I have not read the transcripts, yet one would have to go back to their Arabic original version to make sure there is no distortion. One example: Hussein's term to qualify Israel was "the State of War, " thus giving a new meaning to the standard Islamic distinction between the "region converted to Islam" and the "region where conversion has to take place by force". Just an example how complex it is to move from a culture to another especially when we deal with war. Now, regarding KJU I would personally go back to Mao and his writings on war to understand KJU mindset - we tend to brush aside marxist philosophy (which is in essence a dialectics of violence) as failed. Yet it is taught at Chinese universities (in separate institutes often attended by the next military elite) and, surely, it structures education in North Korea. So nukes: yes, part of this dialectics of violence by which a conflict is not solved by compromise (ie: you say A, I say B, and we compromise mid-way - a Western standard) but by finding a radical other way to handle (not solve: just handle) the issue. Sorry about this lecture ...
Brin Kerr 1
Hey Philippe. Out of pure curiosity, what is your profession? You seem very knowledgeable about this topic. Still, you don't actually answer my question. You start by targeting the credibility of translation, then provide an unrelated example (which I actually see from the other side as Israel is an aggressive country in the Middle East, something the USA encourages as Israel gets most of their weapons from the USA). War is war in any culture that currently exists on the planet except for the Eskimos and their analogues (however, your point that different cultures go to war for different reasons/justifications is true). Now, the China/RNK relationship is not something I know much about. I'm sure you're right that there are similarities of education techniques and power hierarchies. However, the revolution in China only wears the mask of Communism/Marxism. Looked at historically, you see that it aligns cyclically with other dynastic changes in Chinese history. In reality, the Chinese Communist revolution was just another dynasty change. That said, I don't believe the leadership of either country subscribes to a doctrine of Marxist violence. But both China and RNK believe that military strength is necessary as a deterrent (which the USA also believes) and I think they beleive this because of their historic suffering at the hands of foreign powers. That is why I ask again, is it possible KJU only wants a nuke because he wants RNK be left alone?
Philippe-Joseph Salazar 1
Quite right. The statement itself matters very much. Deterrence is about expressing will while showing the kinetic means to implement will, if need be. Used to be called the "balance of terror." It has guaranteed us homeland peace since 1945.
John Crechiola 1
I'm with you on that, as much as I have enjoyed seeing them fly at airshows, it bothers me that there is even a need for this sort of thing. The source of the threat is different, but it's still a threat.
Philippe-Joseph Salazar 3
Apologies to all. I did not think my post would cause trouble. Fact is however that these bombers were designed and built and equipped, and are maintained not for air shows, but war or deterrence.
allench1 1
I agree, proof is no missiles launched for 50+ days.
pagheca 4
this report has been denied by USAF. It should be mentioned.
allench1 1
Did you really think that the USAF would show it's hand, Just the thought of having SAC reborn will send a powerful message to both north korea and russia. It kept russia at bay for years in the 50's.
pagheca 2
What "I" really think is irrelevant. The fact is that many threats and information are usually made public as a deterrent in such a period of international instability. So, not necessarily true, and not necessarily false. But both the point of view should be mentioned.
Philippe-Joseph Salazar 0
Please refer to the following for clarification's sake - it is not as simple as it seems :

Words are weapons in strategic communication. So, whether the "next step" of preparedness is taken or not, just announcing that it may happen, and then retracting it somewhat, has achieved a major goal: place the adversary on the defensive.
yatesd 3
I remember thinking in 1991 when George HW Bush took the bombers off alert “can he do that”? I’d been in the Air Force for nine years at that point and it was all we had ever known... and had been that way (or airborne alert) since before I was born.
Bryan Jensen -9
HW did many un-American things, that's why we voted him out of office.
Steven Fortson 3
They're not going back on alert. He said they're preparing to, "if the order to comes down". It was never said that they were going on alert, and STRATCOM has said they have not given the order to go on alert again.
srobak 3
Ki sawyer afb here. We had 52s, 135s, f-101s and f-106s. Also t-33 and t-37.
Wayne Parcell 2
The B-52 brings back memories of the late 50's at Biggs Air Force (SAC) Base. They were a beautiful thing to watch!
Ralph Torres 1
Recall the B-36s before the 52s at Biggs. Loved the sound of both.
Chick Jordan 2
Gest time of my life doing the 1500 hour flight test of the B52H (BUFF) at Edwards in 1961 and 1962.
bruce barton 4
I slept better at LORING AFB,ME knowing the Alert Crews were "ready" in their alert facility waiting for the Claxon!
The Gipper was at the helm and Gorby was making nice...the good old days!
Bryan Jensen -4
Yes, it's so sweet when a REAL American is in the White House, i.e. Reagan, Trump, Eisenhower, Nixon. No, I didn't accidentally exclude anyone.
Dave Bartell 2
and the other 41 presidents were what? any American who prefers negotiation and peace is a real as any other person who was born in or emigrated to this country.
Bryan Jensen -1
Sorry, I should have qualified my response. I'm only referring to Eisenhower forward and I forgot to include Kennedy. He was great. Too bad he was killed, he would have done many great things for the country he loved. I also liked Harry Truman a lot. A fellow Missourian. Starting with Washington of course there were a lot of REAL Americans, but also a lot who weren't so good for our Constitutional Republic.
Bryan Jensen 1
Thanks for reigning me in Dave.
Gareth Ogunjobi -1
Bro u racist cheezburger head
James Simms 3
President Merkin Muffley: Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room.

Major T. J. "King" Kong: Survival kit contents check. In them you'll find: one forty-five caliber automatic; two boxes of ammunition; four days' concentrated emergency rations; one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills; one miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible; one hundred dollars in rubles; one hundred dollars in gold; nine packs of chewing gum; one issue of prophylactics; three lipsticks; three pair of nylon stockings. Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.
James Simms 2
The original script had "Dallas" instead of Vega's. As Dr. Strangelove came out immediately after JFK's Assassination, it was changed to "Vegas" so the still raw wounds & memories wouldn't be reopened.
Philippe-Joseph Salazar 2
Agreed. But "si vis pacem para bellum," as the Romans used to say. It will be quite a sight when they lift off - as a majestic reminder that air power remains key to maintaing peace.
Where's aircraft commander Slim Pickens when you need him? YAHOOOOOOO!
Philippe-Joseph Salazar 2
Can't agree more.
Bryan Jensen 2
It would never have happened under Obama. He would have just bowed before "rocket man" and apologized for something.
moussa Coulibaly 1
Mali Kayes
Dave Mathes 1
......well, that's comforting.....:-(
Marshall Griswold 1
I was at Loring AFB in the 50's and we went from B36, B47 then B52 everyone including us kids were on alert 24/7. Routinely evacuated school to go hide in designated buildings in Canada. Dr Strangelove was not far from the truth. Our dad's lived at their failsafe point.
Philippe-Joseph Salazar 1
Quite right. That is what the article says, and from a reliable source. However if that first step toward readiness is made public, it does say something about the next step.
Philippe-Joseph Salazar 1
no blue pill? How interesting. Poor fellow. Sad. Very sad.
Our fat little buddy over there must of heard too many war stories from grandpa.....
moussa Coulibaly -7
Bouba Coulibaly lafiabougou taliko
moussa Coulibaly -8

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