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Boeing 737's first flight is 52 years ago tomorrow!

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Tomorrow marks 52 years since the most successful aircraft in history, first took off! ( المزيد...

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sparkie624 4
WoW! Hard to believe how that plane has grown over the years... A great plane to work on and most pilots love flying it...
Richard Fox 7
The Boeing 737 series, despite some of its more recent model's pitfalls, has remained one the worlds most popular and successful aircraft. It has had more models sold than any other commercial aircraft and will hopefully continue to prosper for another 50 years.
Wolfgang Prigge -2
Yes, it’s an incredibly successful run for the B737, but don’t forget the electric light bulb was not created by continuously improving candles.
Shenghao Han 3
737 is absolutely the first small narrow body in this layout. It defeated at the time more popular tail mounting layout. It’s closer predecessor (the 707) is no where as revolutionary to the aviation industry by comparison.
siriusloon -4
You're either trying to revise history with made-up "facts" or you're proving you don't know what you're talking about.
Shenghao Han 3
Show me another short range airliner with under wing mounted engines that fundamentally changed commercial aviation industry.
In fact, people thought an airliner with such a low engine mounting location will be prone to FODs, that is one of the reason why DC-9 (back then 737’s major competitior) and the engines on the tail.

Since 737 most new short range 100+ seat airliners chose to mount their engines under wings, eg. Airbus 320 family, Embraer Ejets, Bombardier CSeries, ARJ, Superjet..........
Richard Fox 1
What sort of comment is that? I don't get it. Boeing will still be selling this aircraft in 2040 and should be kept operational until at least 2070...
Wolfgang Prigge 1
Don’t you think the present problems with the 737max show that there is a limit with what one can do with a basic design? Compare the size of modern engines with the size of jet engines on the first 737 and you will understand.
siriusloon 1
I'm sure they'll find a way to maximise it.
Mooneymite Hight 2
I flew the 737-200 in the early 80's through the 737-800 in the 90's. I thought the -200 was much more fun to fly, though the pilots were apparently the only ones who really liked it. It was very noisy behind the wing and the flight attendants would all rather be serving on a wide-body.

In my opinion, the -800 was a plane that had clearly reached the end of its design life. The -900 (I never flew it) was probably even more so. Relying on 4 tires to stop that much weight on a wet runway seems to be pushing the limits of prudence, if not tire technology.

I see a definite parallel between the growth of the 737 and the DC-9. Take a basic good design, stretch it and grow it with bigger and bigger engines until it flies poorly, put all sorts of stuff on the wings and fuselage to make it fly better (oh, and add MCAS!). Sell it cheap and watch the airlines line up to buy it.
Shenghao Han 2
The most iconic airlines:
DC-3 for reviving post war commercial aviation.
707 and DC-8 for restoring public’s faith in jet travel
737 for revolution short-haul travel
747 for making intercontinental travel accessible to middle class.
siriusloon 1
None of those are airlines. They're aircraft.
Shenghao Han 2
Typo, missed an “r” I blame iOS auto-correction
Kenneth Schmidt 3
Is proofreading copy a lost art?

And as far as intercontinental travel, none of the middle class families I knew of, could afford schlepping a family of five or six to some exotic land.
Is proofreading copy a lost art?

Your extra comma votes yes.
Gary Bain 1
Good reply to a snarky post J Martinson.
David Mcdonald 0
I thought the Beech Bonanza was the most successful aircraft in history??

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