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Man reportedly kicked off Southwest flight for cracking wise about free vodka

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Everyone’s a critic, as the adage goes, and aboard a long-delayed Southwest flight, one man seems to have learned that the hard way. ( المزيد...

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mary susan watkins 3
it would be good to have more information to fully understand the situation..from the article,it appears as though the man was joking,and the flight attendant rather than handle his remark graciously with maybe a joking comeback,decided to go full throttle attack mode!of course we all understand the frustration for passengers and crew when there is a lengthy delay,but flight attendants are supposed to be able to handle a lot of situations with ease..its called "grace under pressure",and it did not (per the article) merit a rude,nasty answer nor having the man removed from the the way, southwest flight attendants are known for their folksy,friendly attitude,making jokes and telling stories on the pa system, and even dancing down the aisles on the plane..the crew on board are supposed to keep the passengers updated on the delay status,and as a matter of fact,if it goes too long,most airlines take the passengers off the airplane and have them re board later with the same boarding pass for security purposes...
scott8733 3
Jeez, this article made me feel old.

I remember the days when Herb let them hand out the booze for free. Every flight. Every day.
Roger Kassebaum -3
More idiots flying today with more regulation in place to protect todays public.
George Cottay 4
"They should be passing out vodka because we’ve been waiting so long," said the passenger.

"I know how you feel," replied the experienced flight attendant. "We can't do the vodka but it sure has been a long wait."
masonite 3
Where was that quote at in the article, because that wasn't her response. Or are you just saying that's how she should have replied?
Roger Kassebaum -7
The attendant answered correctly.
Richard Orgill 2
I'll wait for the FULL investigation
Todd Peters 0
The vodka definitely influenced the scenario....I bet the guy said something that crossed a line that involved the FA’s interpretation of an FAR...She is well trained in the scope of behavioral issues that FAA regulations cover in respect to acceptable or not acceptable behavior. She is the authority in the cabin and the Airlines all print the rules in fine print on the tickets. Regardless of what the other passengers stood and said in the defense of the passenger being removed, he must have crossed a line....the Captain of the flight had to be in the loop for the decision to have the authorities board the flight and remove him. So there is more to the story than the original article provided.
CaptStephanC -5
scott8733......Me too...…..I just think back to the days of Pacific Southwest (the real PSA)….and as you sort of said...…"What Happened??????????????????" And for the nay-sayers, yes, we do not know everything, but what has happened???????????????????? To go back 45 years, or so...…………………………..
btweston 4
Everyone got that?
Kobe Hunte 2
Nope. Still trying to figure out why the reason for all the .................. and the ??????????????????
dee9bee 3
No more vodka for you, my friend.
dee9bee -3
There may be more to this. It's illegal for an air carrier to carry a passenger who APPEARS to be intoxicated. Where was the pax during the delay? On the aircraft or in the airport bar?

Roger Kassebaum -5
Be glad you are on a plane, buy your own beverage.
Be glad Roger is not on the plane , for I'm sure he would be lecturing you on all the morals and rules of the world .

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