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15 Kenyan families reject Boeing's compensation for crash, will pursue claims in court

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15 Kenyan families reject Boeing's compensation for crash, will pursue claims in court Fifteen Kenyan families of people killed in a plane crash in Ethiopia in March on Friday rejected a proposal by Boeing to compensate them, saying they will pursue their claims in court. “So far our clients have rejected negotiations outside court,” lawyer Irungu Kangata said. He said Boeing twice tried to initiate settlement negotiations with them in June. Kangata said they are not pursuing compensation… ( المزيد...

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Martin Cooper 3
How much are BOEING offering to settle this? It sound like a "CLASS ACTION" lawsuit. The AMERICAN that was killed in NK, his family reached $500 million dollar settlement, that is just one AMERICAN, and these are ten KEYANS, with loving families as well. One was a "SPY," the others were just "PASSENGERS."
bigkahuna400 2
I highly doubt anyone got a $500M settlement at all...especially for 1 person...
sandro98 1
It's easy to win $500MM against a government that is considered a state sponsor of terrorism and did not defend itself in court. NK didn't argue, so it was plaintiff and judge with no defense.
Richard Orgill 1
They may have won a settlement in US Courts but to this date, they have not received one dime of that money. Nothing can force NK to pay that amount of damage. Attempting to steal something from a barbaric Gvt such as NK and actually receiving money which leads to your death is another.
matt jensen 1
The company said the money will be given to local nonprofits and community groups who will help distribute the funds. They'll be used to support education, including college tuition or other schooling expenses for children of victims, and "hardship or living expenses for impacted families,"
ADXbear 1
Dont blame them
Shenghao Han 1
What do they want? Have those responsible sentenced to death? Given how governments calculate compensations, they will certainly get less... the only thing went up is the amount of money entering lawyers’ pocket on both sides...
sharon bias -2
This is a case where taking the money might be the best option. The Kenyan's were killed on an Ethiopian airline in Ethiopian airspace. Suing a US company is going to be a very long and very expensive project. We're probably talking decades to reach any sort of resolution. Boeing was in the wrong. Compensation will never fill the hole of those lost. But dragging this out isn't going to help anyone.

Ken McIntyre 0
Boeing is admitting at least some fault. I don't know what else Boeing can do. No amount of lawyers and lawsuits will bring someone back from the dead. Beating Boeing with a big stick won't help either.
matt jensen -1
No but it has made them ground that series of jets. Giving to charities is not the same as giving to the victims families.
Jayden Hakunti -1
why should they take the money if money will not fill the void?
indy2001 3
Oh they certainly will accept money, void or no void, because that's all that can be offered. (Boeing has already apologized so I'm not sure what else they would want.) Besides, in these cases it's usually the lawyers who are most likely refusing Boeing's initial offers so their already-substantial chunk will be that much larger. Greed is a worldwide phenomenon.
bbabis 0
All one needs to do is to follow the money into the landshark's pockets to understand what this is about.

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