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Frontier May be Gone by end of 2011

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The carrier is owned by Republic Airways Holdings and was bankrupt when Republic bought it in 2009. Republic recently merged another of its holdings, Midwest Air, into Frontier. Denver-based Frontier is simply too small to compete in the domestic carrier market -- which has become increasingly dominated by large airlines that are growing due to mergers. Wall Street has also become increasingly worried about Republic's future. Its shares are down 13% over the last quarter, while shares in… ( المزيد...

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Russ0000 0
The author of the original article has a very poor track record of success for his annual predictions of imminent corporate demise.
Anything is possible, however, post-bankruptcy Frontier has been making money. The company is reportedly wholly owned by RAH and someone would have to make them a significant offer to spin it off. Frontier is part of Republic's vision for survival.
This prediction is unlikely to happen without Republic Airways Holdings disappearing as well.
Brad Littlejohn 0
Agreed, Russ.

With that, and RAH disappearing, that would kill a lot of mainline carrier's regional service. CHQ, RPA, FFT, and TCF would all have to go, and that would kill regional operations for the 3 legacy carriers (UAL/COA, DAL/NWA, AAL), and USA. That won't be happening any time soon, if at all.

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