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Tailwind and poor braking present before ERJ-145 excursion

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Preliminary indications suggest the Envoy Air Embraer ERJ-145 which suffered a runway excursion at Chicago O'Hare had landed with a tailwind in gusting conditions. ( المزيد...

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airuphere 8
If you watch the video... looks like they should of kept going on the rwy - breaking action wasn’t good enough for that high speed taxi way.. they had runway left..
Video Link FYI —>>.
Matt Kladder 6
I also am of the opinion that there is NO way they were trying to turn off on a reverse high speed on snowy conditions. They appear to have begun to lost control long before they were at P4,
Robert Artac 1
I think the absolutely were shooting for the high speed. The flaps are at 22, which indicates to me the pilots were simply going through the motions and hadn't considered the variables in play. "Well, we ALWAYS exit at P4 becuase that's where the gates are". Happens all the time.
william baker 3
Like i said before they were trying to turn off at P4 from what the FAA was saying and i got yelled at for it. They were going way to fast for that turn off in any conditions.
Andy Bowland 3
P4 would have been a reverse high speed for them...almost no way they were trying to turn off.
John Kiger 4
Only a 9Kt tailwind. However the 24Kt gusting crosswind on a marginal surface condition could be fun.....
Jason Bowman 3
I bet they just weathervaned in the crosswind.
Robert Artac 1
Incorrect. The aircraft yawed left, indicating a left to right crosswind. The aircraft would jave slid off the RIGHT side of the runway, not left, according to your theory. You can't drift upwind if you're skidding.
ppcflyer777 1
That's what it looks like. I believe they said the runway condition at the time was 1/1/1
Sven Freitag 1
9 kts tailwind is quite substantial, most airlines consider 10 an absolute cutoff as far as I know.
Those conditions can bite the best of of pilots. Just because the previous traffic made it means nothing to the next guy. That said, the pilots will bear the heat, barring a mechanical failure, just because,
Antonello Davi 2
am I wrong, I do not see the spoilers being deployed
Andy Bowland 2
The outer panels are just that...panels. The spoilers are deployed right at the bottom of the screen or at the wind root.
Robert Artac 1
Spoilers are visible toward the end of the video. They aren't all that effective on this aircraft and dont span the whole wing.
Tanman3880 2
If you look at the AV herald article (link below) it shows an aerial image of O'Hare and the "approximate final position" of the plane. It appears that the plane veered left and skidded off on the "N-1" turn off which appears to be for planes landing on 28R (opposite direction). I'm no expert. Scary for sure.
mbrews 2
- Given the runway conditions and possible tailwind component, perhaps flight crew had an unfortunate case of Get-there-itis. Not sure what was their alternate, nor whether at the alternate.

Note the regional carriers only get paid to "move the rig" from point A to point B. Would be interesting to review stats on how many Regional flights end up diverting to alternates, versus how many Mainline flights involve a diversion
ppcflyer777 1
The airline only gets paid for A to B but the pilots and flight attendants get paid by the flight hour.
Robert Artac 1
Took 11 seconds for TR full reverse (sounds like half or even idle deploy until then) Flaps appear to be in 22 degree position as well, not 45. 1/1/1 FICON plus a 9 kt tailwind? Yep, i think the aircraft performed as intended. The nuts behind the wheel failed. Performance decreases exponentially with tailwind. These guys were idiots.
Pa Thomas 1
"suffered a runway excursion"

Reading this crap is torture.......
Maxwell Johnson 5
Could have been worse. Could have said "excursion from the tarmac."
notarookie 3
I love tarmac & cheese
John Smythe 2
Ya, I guess it would be politically incorrect to refer to it as a “ bit of a wipe out” but with a good ending.
Kobe Hunte -6
So pilot error is to do with it?
Kobe Hunte 1
I was just asking a question and got downvoted like crazy...
Robert Artac 1
Absolutely. As stated above, barring any MELs or mechanical issue, pilots 100% to blame.
Robert Artac 1
Even then, MEL or mechanical issues, unelss experienced at the time of the departure from the runway, should cause a crew to plan accordingly.

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Andy Bowland 7
You can't possibly be serious...
notarookie 1
ppcflyer777 1
For some GA airplanes, after touchdown, that can help. That is not how you do it in this jet or any other that I am aware of.
Robert Artac 1
From 22 to 45 flap is mainly drag so raising the flaps is useless whilst landing. It doesn't appear the flaps even made it to 45. Flaps 22 is very common to land with at the regionals in this plane. Plus, the slow speed of the electric flaps means by the time they're up you're parked at the gate practically.

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