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Philippine Airlines 777 Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Flames

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A Philippine Airlines service operating from Los Angeles International to Manila Airport made an emergency landing yesterday (21st November) due to an engine fire. The incident happened shortly after takeoff. Philippine Airlines Flight PR113 had only just left Los Angeles International Airport when shortly after it returned back to the ground following an engine fire. The service, bound for the Philippines, left the airport at 11:45 local time but returned just 15 minutes later. ( المزيد...

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hal pushpak 2
Looks an awful lot like a compressor stall (surge), not an "engine fire," per se.
YouTube "compressor stall".
Tim Duggan 3
Not only the engine fire (did they shut the engine down?) and that damage to be investigated and repaired, but I would surmise an over-weight landing too, since they apparently didn't dump fuel. Of course, a fire would mean get on the ground quickly... Over-weight landings be damned.
sharon bias 1
Per another LA TV station, the plane did not dump fuel, so tires were all flattened. Also, pilot issued a Mayday, Mayday call. Would love to listen to that recording.
Tim Duggan 1 Likely has that recording. Los Angeles Approach frequency usually 124.9 (At least when I was flying!)....
william baker 0
The atc recording is running around on youtube already
Coalora 1

VAS had this up even before the sensationalist news reported on this "Engine Explosion in Flight!!!1". Pretty clear compressor stall, but they were prudent to return.
Frank Harvey 1
Better for it to happen there instead of half-way across the Pacific in a twin that just became a single.
Tim Duggan 1
That's why we use ETOPS procedures. But yes, a fire if uncontrolled and two or more hours until a safe diversion landing? Scary....
RECOR10 -3
Nope, no justification for quad engine....none.................well, until there is.
Tim Duggan 4
AS I said previously. ETOPS procedures are designed specifically for twin-engine over-water operations. Consensus: ETOPS is for an engine failure on a twin-jet over-water. A fire? Well, if uncontrolled is mighty scary.

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