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Finland's Air Force Quietly Drops Swastika Symbol...

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amazing... the nazi symbol still in use... who would have thought of that? ( المزيد...

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Coalora 17
It's sad that because at a different time in the past, a different country, used a different version of said symbol, Finland has to change things. Anyone familiar with military history easily recognized the light blue squared swastika as the Finish Roundel (later just their insignia) not as a "Nazi symbol", but what has been Finland's Air Force symbol for over *ONE HUNDRED YEARS*.

I understand why they're changing it, and in the end it is their choice, but I remain not a big fan of historical revisionism and erasure to fit someone's modern ideals.
Alan Glover 9
I'm afraid the revisionism even while self-enforced only gives succour and encouragement to the mob.
It will never be enough.
Coalora 5
Unfortunately, I have to agree with you 100%.
jmilleratp 2
It's amazing that Hitler couldn't even come up with his own symbols. Psychotic, and lazy!
Bill Piper 13
The Swastika has been a religious symbol for centuries before Hitler.
Jim Mitchell 11
Yes, that symbol has been Finish since the inception of an air force which was prior to the Nazis coming into power.
Alan Brown 9
I have to agree with the general feeling of this list. Lately it seems to be the big push with society to change everything if it "offends me", even if they don't have any idea of its historical value or its history in the first place. We are rapidly losing our history to under or uneducated masses who only want what appears to be a totally socialist society.
Alan Glover 7
Succinctly put and accurate.

My Saxon ancestors were brutally enslaved by Vikings.

I'm still waiting for my reparation cheque from Sweden.


linbb 4
My rant above will most likly be deleted soon but hey am 75yrs old have seen things change over time. This change we are now having is pure BS in Portland OR there was a statue of an ELK they burned a day or two ago its now been removed. The young have no idea where things are going its a long dark road ahead. Oh and Portland has offered Bereavement leave of 40hrs to anyone who wants it because of the fellow who was killed by cops causing all this unrest.
Tom Bruce 2 done good young man... same age...same thoughts...worry a lot about my grandchildren
Larry Toler 2
I knew some stuff was going down in the Northwest. Was it a statue of an actual elk or someone in the ELK lodge? I'm lmao thinking of a statue of an oversized deer being considered racist.
Alan Glover 1

" Feelings,

Nothing more than feelings". ;)
linbb 10
Soon there will be no symbols just words at the best no statues of anything anyone any place. Schools will soon be school number 1, no mascot no team names. Towns will soon be redone also along with state names and mascots. Oh how wonderful life will be. Elmer Fudd will never get his gun back cartoons will go away because they will offend someone some where some how.
Alan Glover 5
In other words, Orwell's 1984.
Larry Toler -1
Saturday morning cartoons have been long gone. This is also similar to Mississippi finally getting rid of the Confederate battle flag off of their State flag. As a born Southerner, I could care less.
I didn't know the Finnish Air Force used a Swastika in their roundel. Finland is one of the neutral countries and not part of NATO, am I right? I could look it up, but also doing other things right now.

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