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Canada To Impound China C919 Test Aircraft While In Canada And Arrest Its Crew?

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The Chinese C919 test aircraft and team is expected to arrive at the beginning of March, specifically, at London, Ontario airport, depending on covid19 travel restrictions. ( المزيد...

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william baker 4
Don’t you think you should at least wait till the plane is in Canada before you spread words that you are going to impound the plane and arrest the crew. I mean at this point they could just say nope we arent coming to Canada.
liassic 1
Do you really need to link to made up click bait stories like this?
It's just rubbish.
Reduces my view of the quality of your newsletter.
belzybob 1
Whilst China is such a piss-pot country that it would arrest without grounds, I don't see Canada behaving the same way. I also believe (although I could be wrong) that these Canadian citizens in China are actually of Chinese origin and who have taken up Canadian citizenship.
Patrick Beresford 2
Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou didn't they?
bill mcdonald 2
You are wrong, they are both Canadians. It’s a political response by the Chinese to arrest a Canadian because Canada arrested a Chinese citizen on behalf of the United States. They are political pawns.

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