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JetBlue is Banning Carryons for its Cheapest Tickets and Will Pay Other Passengers $25 if They Can't Find Overhead Bin Space

JetBlue Airways on Wednesday announced sweeping changes to its fare and fee structures, with its most cost-oriented flyers buying the airline's cheapest tickets slated to be the most affected. ( More...

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Michael Hope 17
I miss read the headline and thought it said "Crayons", and I thought why would they do that. May be kids with cheap fares are coloring the tray.
That is exactly what I thought it said ... and said "well, there will be a lot of disappointed children and adults alike" ... #bringingmyowncrayonsnow
ken young 2
Ha ha...Me too. Thought it said crayons as well. Had to read it twice....LOL
Larry Horton 12
You know I don't mind playing the carry-on lottery. I go to the gate and wait. When they say the flight is full and would anyone like to check their carry-on. I am right there. I don't have to worry about finding an overhead or lugging it up and down the aisle. When I deplane the bag is usually waiting by the gate or after a fairly short wait. Hasn't failed me yet and I fly all over. It is a free checked bag and saves a lot of hassle for me.
Dave Weese 4
I do the same... So to get $25 to do this would be great..
Ken Lane 10
It seems to me if the two checked and one carry-on for SWA has produced nice profits and few to no complaints, other airlines seem to be in it just to nickel and dime passengers to death.
ken young 1
Would you rather pay full fare?
I've researched air fares on routes I used to fly a few times per year. What I discovered surprises many.
Here it is....IN the late 80's I used to fly round trip from/to KEWR to KCLT. On Piedmont( great air carrier!) The fare ranged in the low 200s. Bargain fare was around $175. That was back in the days of 21 plus day advance purchase. Fast forward to today, that same midweek fare on is ready ....$186...Now, using the inflation calculator, $175(in 1987) in todays dollars is $408.36. Meaning, it is WAY cheaper to fly than it was in 1987. NO ONE should be complaining about fees. BTW, back then gas was around $1.10 per gallon. My guess is Jet fuel was much less than it is today. Fuel costs to the carriers are significantly higher. At KCLT FBO Wilson Air charges $5.69 for Jet A
Ken Lane 1
Turbofans are far more efficient than turbojets and newer designs produce more thrust providing more bang for the buck. Airframe design as come a long ways regard to aerodynamic efficiency. Though winglets were first thought of for better efficiency even in the 1800s, long before the first flight, their application didn't exist until the 1970s and more widely used until the late `80s and they are now standard in design for reducing drag. Along the way, other changes were made such as American redesigning the tail cone on MD-80s for less drag.

Yes, while fuel cost has gone up along with insurance, the two biggest cost in flying, the overall cost to the consumer has remained quite low by comparison.

And, don't forget getting rid of deregulation. That changed everything.
Lee Withers 9
Love that sentence, Jet lue joins United in being the only FULL SERVICE airline—- Full service? Find a seat and be quiet!
"...Carryons.."? Oh, I thought they were banning Crayons..
I read it as "Banning Canyons"; not sure how you'd fit one on the plane...
I’ll be using Southwest.
I'll stick to my Cessna
I always thought the carriers had It backwards. They should charge for carry-ons and the first checked bag should be free.

Once you are paying for the staff and infrastructure to load and unload luggage the incremental cost between 5 and 100 bags is minimal. There might be a slight increase in fuel costs for the additional weight but it would be slights checking the same bags people carry on means no net weight increase. Were customers to start bringing heavier bags then that could be handled by lowering the weight threshold or making it a market differentiator.
jrollf 3
I thought this too, until a Soutwest friend of mine mentioned they make a lot of money from air freight. They prefer to have as much luggage as possible crammed into carry on to maximize space for paid air freight.
paul trubits 1
The last time I flew Frontier they charged more to carry on a bag than to check it. Boarding went very smoothly.
hwh888 7
The customer gets the screw job again while at same time my tax dollar supported them during the covid19 shutdown. So thank you JetBlue, I’ll choose a different airline.
WhiteKnight77 2
I have no problem with this, but I have never been able to use JetBlue. Carry-ons would not have been an issue if airlines were not trying to shoehorn so many passengers into the tube and actually enforced carry-on sizes to begin with.
patrick baker 1
i like the thought of simply walking onto the aircraft and going to my seat without the burdon of a roll on bag. Worth the $25 bucks no doubt. THat is what excess cash is for; to reduce as often as we can any instance of irritation and aggrevation.
Paul Noble 1
Meant as a reply to the post by Larry Horton.
Tobias Heller 1
JetBlue needs to go back to what it was 8 years ago. In that day, one checked bag was totally free, no need to have an airline's credit card. Then they trimmed that benefit, and now no carry ons?
WhiteKnight77 1
The no carry-ons are for those who only buy the cheapest tickets.
patrick baker 1
THIS IS a good situation both ways for jet blue and its passengers. THe slight revenue bump is a good thing, and the passengers filling up the plane will be faster with less aggrevation to everyone in the aisles. There is usually one damn inconsiderate fool who tries to stuff a far too big suitcase into the overheads, taking lots of time for their sense of entitlement. THis will reduce that a bit, a good thing...
Paul Noble 1
Seems to me that that is the practice that they are attempting to rule out. Now with Blue Basic fliers forced to check their carryons there will be more room in the overhead, and maybe no need to call for folks checking their carryon at the gate. The additional revenue for Blue Basic luggage fees would likely more than cover any $25 credit for not having space.
So, I can fly with them, but cant take any luggage to where I am going. Wonder what their policy will be of people boarding, wearing the same dirty, week old clothing?
You can bring luggage, but you’ll have to pay for it. Only the cheapest fare means non carry on, but you still can bring a backpack, as long as it fits under the seat in front of you.
My daughter flew with alligent from Florida to Tennessee and they sent their clothes via USPS because they had to pay for everything including the seat.
C B 2
Lol. As long as the person(s) don't have serious body odor and are not disruptive, I don't think the airline would care. :)
Ken Lane 1
Given how many people around Central Texas have been without electricity and even water for several days... I'm not so sure.

We've not had showers since last Saturday so we're going to a hotel tomorrow when work is done to blow some travel points on a walk-in shower and an indoor pool.
patrick baker 1
check your baggage under this policy- no carryons. You still can wear dirty clothes, just like at home


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