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Boeing's infamous 737 Max plane has a new issue, and 16 airlines are being told to ground planes

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Boeing's 737 Max, which was involved in two fatal crashes, has a new issue. Boeing said that some jets have "a potential electrical issue" and recommended they not be flown. At least 16 airlines are affected, including Southwest, United, and American. Dozens of Boeing's 737 Max plane, which was involved in two fatal crashes, have another issue. The company said Friday that some of the planes are facing "a potential electrical issue." As a result, the plane-maker… ( المزيد...

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mbrews 16
- Issue seems to involve improper Electrical Grounding of a backup system. Result : the aircraft type gets grounded because it wasn't sufficiently Grounded :)
djames225 9
Now that comment was well grounded

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mbrews 21
Its an inside joke for electrical engineers who might know a few things about electrical grounding and shielding.

We have come to realize that you can't be bothered to actually read the articles. Perhaps its time for flightaware to ban you.
matt jensen 10
long overdue but no one is listening
bdarnell 3
It's a shame these forums aren't moderated.
djames225 10
Just WTH has this latest incident have to do with the pilots, who have been raked across coals so many times, we have lost count?
Talk about dumb posts, 9 out of 10 comments, from your fingers, ARE dumb.
Tom Bruce 4
worked on a Beech Stagger Wing... mounted a transponder under the back seat... the control box on the instrument panel.. wouldn't work... did all kinds of tests... wooden airplane no common ground from instrument panel to frame of airplane
bentwing60 2
some folks long ago discovered that you can't just bolt a ground wire 'anywhere' in a Chevy. Corvette either.
George Schultenkamp 0
Well, at least they now have progressed from having a wooden superstructure. They have now common ground and still problems !
ADXbear 4
All these months and yet again were finding more basic problems with this airframe. Is this rush to get out the door? Missed inspections? Who knows.. its just plain sloppy and make one wonder what else miss!
houseofgold 2
Why the drama, Issues happen, they are fixed and move on. Not obliging by reading this article
JJ Johnson 0
Those that want to disparage Boeing and their stock taking a hit repeat after me

Stephen Boyd 5
At least it flies
Leigh Hearn 2
Well put. They even fly when one has an engine destroy itself and takes out a whole number of system with it. (Ref) QF32 Pretty sound airplane in my opinion. I am not in the industry, just an interested observer.

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Greg S 6
You are always a reliable idiot. Don't ever change.
bentwing60 5
the other end of the linbb dipole.

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