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Lion Air’s Founders Planning to Launch New Airline in Indonesia

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The founders of Indonesia’s PT Lion Mentari Airlines are planning to start a new airline, according to people familiar with the plan, a development that could aid the carrier’s efforts to move beyond one of aviation’s biggest disasters. The new carrier is a project started by Lion’s founders including Rusdi Kirana, said the people, who asked not to be named because they’re not authorized to speak publicly on the plan. Lion Air has been trying to move forward from a deadly crash in 2018, which… ( المزيد...

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Greg S 7
I wouldn't let them start a new airline until they make a convincing case that they can correct *all* the atrocious mistakes and broken or non-existent safety culture revealed in the accident report.
Robert Mack 1
Well, maybe they could incorporate some of the guys with Air Fast to help train, monitor, and interact in some capacity - those guys are extremely sharp and have tons of 737 experience!
Rico van Dijk 1
Quote: “There may be a method to the madness.”
linbb -1
Stupid airline pilots poorly trained and full blame for them not being proficient caused the 737 crash.
Rico van Dijk 1
So you blame the pilot’s for receiving bad training? Now who’s stupid?

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