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USAF starts experimenting with magnetic anomaly navigation

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The U.S. Air Force’s multi-intelligence reconfigurable pod – AgilePod – recently demonstrated Precision, Navigation and Timing (PNT) concept of operations during six Phase I flights in Colorado. Researchers in the Air Force has been working on how to use the earth’s magnetic fields as a method to navigate for several years and have published papers on their work. ( المزيد...

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Roy Bayless 5
There are some interesting articles on airborne magnetic anomoly navigation available through the internet. As you'll see, it's not the same as simple pilotage and dead reckoning using a magnetic compass.

Robert Cowling 4
'I think North is over there, somewhere'

I was, as a kid, surprised to find out that North wasn't up there, but, actually 'over there', and it's moving! What?

Just wait until the 'great magnetic flip', in, well, um, 20, to 200,000 years. 'It's coming' is all they will say. Oh, and 'It's going to upend everything'. Scientists... Always pissing on our fun.
When that happens, just turn the dial 180 degrees. Simple
Rex Bentley 2
Nothing new under the sun.
Michael Meyers 1
Celestial navigation is making a comeback for night flights. Some please hand me my sextant.
Neil Klapthor 1
When I was in the B-52, we flew a celestial navigation leg (day and night) on almost every training sortie. This was in the 70's & 80's (Cold War era). Don't know if they still practice that anymore...a lot has changed since my time in the BUff.

I'm very curious about how this magnetic field navigation works since the magnetic fields shift around. I also remember reading that magnetic north had moved so much in the last few years that it was a concern for ocean navigation in the higher latitudes.
Neil Klapthor 1
That, of course, should be BUFF, not BUff.
Elliot Cannon 1
Maybe they should make an effort to improve INS. Totally self contained. No satellites, stars, magnetic fields needed.
Ro Gal 1
Back in the 80's the Naval Oceanographic Office used a highly sensitive magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) very similar to those used in ASW warfare. It was used while flying over mostly ocean surface, on a P-3 Orion aircraft named Project Magnet. It recorded magma flux line in order to update Nav maps. I believe the Navy stopped doing this in the mid 90's, but not sure why, unless they decided to go with satellites or had another way to capture the magnetic changes?
bentwing60 -2
Ummm, I kinda' think the old time seafarers knew how to navigate with magnetic fields, what they lacked was an accurate time piece!

What, "true virgins make dull companions" been SJW'ed in private pilot 101 too?

Too much money, too many greedy souls in the MIC and no accountability for anyone but thee and me.

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