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Reports of unruly US airline passengers up 500% this year

Reports of unruly passengers on US airlines this year have taken off, spiking by 500 percent thanks largely to passengers who refused to wear masks on flights during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report from the Federal Aviation Administration. ( More...

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Silent Bob 19
Let's be honest, these outrage generating headlines are getting a little old. Of course no one is condoning bad behavior, most especially anything violent. But put into context it's not exactly a huge problem. They (TSA) say the average is 12 "inflight disturbances" per 1 million pax screened, so seeing as around 2 million people are flying per day that comes out to 24 per day. The FAA handles roughly 45,000 flights a day, so that puts the disturbances at around 1 per 1875 flights. And a large percentage of the disturbances are "mostly peaceful" refusals to wear a mask. Of course anyone reacting violently should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but let's also not get carried away and try to push a narrative that airline travel is unsafe or that these incidents qualify as an "epidemic".
Huck Finn 3
Excellent point Silent Bob!
21voyageur 1
They gotta sell papers. Apparently, @ the NY Post, the bar is set low in terms of what is considered "news". Typical tabloid amateur hour. Understanding who reads these rags is of more interest than what they print. My 2 cents.
Wait a minute. Only 15% of these incidents resulted in "enforcement action." There's the real problem. Make an example out of a few of these self-important entitled "me first" individuals and they will nip this problem in the bud real quick. The flight delays and other inconveniences to the other passengers needs to be punished to the max.
ken young 3
THAT is the problem right there. This entire issue could be resolved if the authorities and the courts regained a spine.
Make the penalties draconian. That will end this garbage

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Chuck Lavazzi 7
Your freedom to swing your fist ends where someone else's nose starts. What part of this escapes you?
ken young 1
Freedom to do WHAT?
garritt -4
maybe fascist aaaaaaaholes appeal to you hucker
Vaughn Blue Jr 13
Punishment ought to be a ban from flying on any airline for life. That'd slow some of this stupidity down!
Russ Brown 4
I love airplanes and admire all the people that make them go. I can't help running outside when a triple 7, 747. 380,340, or that NOISY Russian goes over my house at about a 1000 feet. Let's talk about airplanes. Sigh.
garritt -2
mppve.....who was there first...the airport or the village idiot ?
Bill Butler 2
Will this debate and name calling never end? I console myself sometimes that I served 22 years in the USN so we could have robust discussions like this!
AWAAlum 2
Our species is wicked. \
Tom Bruce 4
well... the proof should be here in a week or so... all those unmasked younger people packed together yelling and screaming outside the Milwaukee BB stadium are our test animals... if a bunch of them get really sick and a number of them die then the "mask mandates" hold water.... if little new cases arise, then we've probably beaten the bug... I'm 75, my son has Leukemia... I avoid people not wearing masks... can't afford to carry anything to my son... I self isolate.. I will not climb on a plane... my choice.. you have your choice..
s s -2
Come on, man. How many healthy or even moderately healthy young people die of this? Almost none. Driving to and from a stadium is WAY riskier than the virus for the majority of people. So much DRAMA.
Bill Butler 2
ss: Not all of us are in "the majority of people". I'm not going to go to the mask debate, that's dumb. But, I have a blood cancer. Compromised immune system. I'm in the middle. I can go some places, and there are some places I shouldn't go. You all gotta lighten up a bit on what you think of as "normal". Normal, like common sense, isn't necessarily a common virtue.
avionik99 5
If vaccinated people wish to not wear a mask then so be it. That’s why they got vaccinated!! If unvaccinated wish to not wear a mask then so be it. That’s what is called freedom. You know the “My body my choice” generation.
George Cottay 10
This is simple. If an airline requires all passengers to wear a mask we get to to either mask, use a different carrier, or stay on the ground.
Alain Duncan 4
I don't think it's the airlines requiring passengers to wear masks. If it was, then I would agree with you.
Huck Finn -8
Like authoritarian rule eh George?
ken young 3
Now pay attention.....This is very important.
There is a large difference between BEING right and DOING right.
And just because one has the right TO do something, does not mean they SHOULD do that something.
Rights are NOT absolute. Think about that and get back to me.
So the unvaccinated generation has the freedom to possibly infect , and possibly cause the death of another person , that's your freedom choice ! You certainly are a sad generation .
Mark Kortum 3
We have arrived at a point in our culture where many persons believe "experts", somehow superior to ourselves, have the right to control our lives. I will always call out the "big brother" "nanny state" for what it is: a con artist's dream scheme.
Greg S 1
Yes, the incredibly tiny risk that someone unvaccinated may get infected and cause the death of another person does not justify mask mandates. I don't really understand why people object to wearing masks since it's so fucking easy but different people have different views and I like that.
garritt 1
soooo....who infected the 600,000 = dead & millions of ill that 10 to 15% are long-termers w/ reduced quality of life
Alain Duncan -6
"I don't really understand why people object to wearing masks since it's so fucking easy"

I think it's a matter of principle to some people. If you were asked to wear a religious symbol on your body, would you? If you were asked to wear a swastika on your arm, would you? Masks are seen by some as a symbol of blind obedience to the State. I can see why people would object to that.
ken young 1
"Seen as a blind obedience to the state"...
Perhaps. However, while the state has not the authority to mandate a face covering in our everyday lives, just remember, if one wishes to exercise that right, they do not have an absolute right to do so.
I look at it from this angle.
Knowing the rules, if one chooses to not wear a face covering, they are stating they are choosing to not use air transportation. Period
Those are the TWO choices. Mask= Travel by commercial air. No mask= choose another means of travel.
I despise wearing masks , so any travel destination I choose will be accessible by auto. My choice
Daniel Gless 2
"Keep off my train unmasked person," said the conductor.
Alain Duncan 1
I would most certainly not board an airplane with the intention of breaking the rules of that airline. I was only giving an explanation for why some people would object to wearing masks even though "it's so fucking easy". Personally, I would just choose another means of travel at the moment.
Elliot Cannon 4
Seat belts save lives. Vaccinations save lives. Wearing a mask during a pandemic saves lives. This has all been proven to be true. What the hell is wrong with people?
Alain Duncan 1
"This has all been proven to be true."

Can you back up that statement?
garritt 2
ask the families of the 600,000 dead
Alain Duncan 1
Your empty appeal to emotion does not answer the question. If it's been proven true that wearing a mask save lives, is it too much to ask to see the proof?
garritt 1
,ask the families that have 1 or more of the 600,000 dead......they will fill you in
Alain Duncan 1
Garritt, why don't you answer the question instead of repeating the same empty platitudes?
s s 0
LOL Wearing a surgical mask against an airborne virus has NOT been proven to do much of anything. Also, people who just got the vaccine are getting the virus. What the hell is wrong with people who believe anything they hear on tv?
This article from JAMA indicates that masks work pretty well; .
s s -5
Yeah, the same organization that hasn't even given out any courses of treatment for the people who get it? Unlike they do for every other disease? All they want is vaccine, vaccine, vaccine! Because that equals money, money, money and control, control, control.

PAPER MASKS CAN NOT STOP VIRUS PARTICLES. If they could, then why don't people painting wear paper masks instead of N95 masks that are much harder to breath and work in?
Jim Magee 4
JAMA is the Journal of the American Medical Association. It is not an organization that by itself would offer any courses of treatment, but contains peer reviewed articles discussing research articles.

And it does offer study results for various treatments. An article published 3 days ago compares the "Effect of Canakinumab vs Placebo on Survival Without Invasive Mechanical Ventilation in Patients Hospitalized With Severe COVID-19-A Randomized Clinical Trial." Another article published on 16JUL2021- "Effect of Oral Azithromycin vs Placebo on COVID-19 Symptoms in Outpatients With SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Randomized Clinical Trial."

Besides vaccines prevent or lessen infections, thereby either eliminating or reducing the need for treatments. It is far better to prevent problems rather than deal with them after they occur. Why fly into rough weather when you can plan a route around it?
Randy Marco -4
YOU are an ignoramus and are what is wrong with America!
s s -2
Ooooooh, did "science" say a paper mask (that most people don't even wear correctly) is going to save you from the big bad juju?
garritt 3
ss...your score is zero.....figure it out....your rights end when you enter an airport....a hospital...a loony bin....anywhere but a nazi convention or a hohouse
garritt -1 does not (masks) keep aaaaholes from being aaaaholes
Huck Finn -1
Gee Wally did you know that masks save lives?
Not really Beav. I understand masks have been proven ineffective to stop the virus germs from Covid. Wow Wally then why do they want us to wear masks?
Well Beav it is the government's way to force control on people. You see if they can force people to wear masks then they can force other nonsense on them.
Golly Wally, it sounds like we are in a Communist dictatorship.
Afraid so Beave.
Bob Roehrer 1
What do you think, Ward? Honey, I think the boys should look under their beds at night.
s s 3
I've been flying since the early days of the face diaper era and just haven't seen the "unruliness" the media keeps yammering about.

Yes, I've seen people politely asked to put on a mask and I myself was asked to change from an N95 (that might offer some tiny protection) to a blue paper surgical style mask (that offers ZERO protection) for some mysterious reason. I politely complied like a good sheep.

Most of this sounds like the industry looking for new ways to make air travel even worse for the general public. Sure, there's plenty of rude people but there also seems to be plenty of rude flight crews these days who take even the slightest faux pas as a major threat.
Griff Griffin 2
Being a retired 30 year plus Captain for a major airline. I don't go anywhere. Even though I can fly for next to nothing. The whole system is fraudulent from the metal detectors to the masks. If I can't drive I will never arrive.
The Ugly American takes on a new twist.
ImperialEagle 1
The stress-filled lives of all individuals (good or bad) involved begin long before they arrive at the airport and that includes all the aviation related employees, as well.
Most live in a pressure-cooker these days, and just the process of getting on the plane can be needlessly stressful. Just think of all the little things that add-up by the time you get on the plane, and then having to deal with un-civil people, either general public, or airline employee is enough to trigger these events. Add alcohol, caffeine, a combination or other drugs to the mix and there you go.
The problems are societal.
Huck Finn 0
Its the masks stupid! Mask mandates have long been the bane of freedom loving Americans for about two years now and there seems to be no letup especially with the 2022 midterm elections approaching. I say this because politics has been a major issue in mask mandates and the people who are covering up are showing signs of rebellion. Forcing adults who managed to survive as long as they did and who seem to be able to run their own lives are now beset by crabby and unruly flight crews and airport Gestapo who are using their power to force passengers to submit to their edicts. No, this will not end but will continue until Americans are led sheep like to the work and reorientation camps. Say goodbye to freedom and liberty. You've earned it America by not standing your ground.
garritt 1
the village idiot told me the same thing 2 days there are more than one village w/a missing idiot
garritt 1
every person that refuses to follow the rules and becomes combative, should be denied boarding on All airlines for 10 years
avionik99 -7
Thats because they have lowered the price of a ticket so low that even "The people of Wal-Mart" are now flying. Also mask wearing should be Optional!!
garritt 4
those that will not wear a mask should be seated on the plane , NOT in the plane
Bob Roehrer 3
thank you George Carlin. I agree.
At the option of the person who is infected and running around infecting innocent , unknowing persons , I assume that is what you mean ?
Huck Finn 0
Wow, honesty from the elite ranks right here on the forum!
Griff Griffin 0
You are CORRECT SIR!!!
garritt 1
According to the CDC, wearing a mask increases CO2 in the blood which signals the brain that you’re in danger due to lower oxygen and causes feelings of fear and anxiety. Any wonder that people are less rational?
Jim Magee 8
I guess the surgeon wearing a mask while operating on you is about to pass out from the additional CO2...
Bob Roehrer 1
Getting stuck behind a diesel PU truck in traffic could cause fear and anxiety for the same reason. Therefore anyone following a stinky diesel is less reational? sheesh, Ralph!
Dolores Allee 0
The National Guard Unit of C-5A's landing in Newburgh,NY went right over my apartment and I could hear the distinctive whining down of the engines, and run outside every time to look at the plane.....I'm your wing man Russ Brown on your post! (heard they changed engine type and that sound is gone) :(
Russ Brown 2
Thank you Dolores:

Wow! C-5As. I live at the west end of the Dulles east west runway. Used to have a FEDEX DC-10 on a regular basis, not anymore. Miss the 747s too, had a 380 about a week ago. The Luftwaffe used to have-C130s on a regular basis, that too is no more. Grew up with B-29s, Strato Cruisers, B-47s,52s,
707, 727, 737 just over the hill from Boeing field and plant #1. Saw Tex Johnson roll the 707 over Lake Washington from a boat out on the Lake. My Bride grew up in the traffic pattern for McCord air base. My neighbors complain about the Noise from Dulles. Music to my ears.
Huck Finn -2
Freedom, once lost, is gone forever. This is the slippery slope of tyranny.


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