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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing on I-5 Near Del Mar, Stunning Motorists

A small airplane made an emergency landing Tuesday on southbound Interstate 5 near Del Mar in San Diego's North County, causing traffic for motorists confused and stunned by the unexpected sight. ( More...

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Steve Aliamus 9
The only thing reported by the local media was "mechanical trouble", the usual catch-all for any preliminary guess as to the potential cause. For as busy as that stretch of freeway is, glad pilot and passenger were able to walk away. Only four cars were hit, with only minor injuries.
Probably the one time a reeeally loud horn would be useful on a plane.
Peter McGrath 8
If they did, 10 people would have given him the finger and 2 others would have shot at him!
People can't see traffic right in front of them, let alone coming from above. They'd probably wreck looking for where the horn sound was coming from, lol.
M20ExecDriver 12
The local tv talking head on the philly local news said they had to clean up a lot of "jet" fuel before the road could be opened. Surprised they didn't say a flight plan wasn't filed.
Shocked they didn't say #6 bunker ...
electroman00 1
Not Jet Fuel...would be 100LL
Nice job! And he didn't have to call ATC for advice. (Reference a previous event where the CFI was talking to ATC on what to do on an engine loss!) LOL
I doubt that anyone in Southern California would be stunned by anything short of Carnival Cruise ship on The I-5.
glenver 4
Another instance of "accurate" news reporting. I didn't know big rig tow trucks are now known as cranes.
Rick Amerson 4
Too bad he couldn't make the fairground parking lot or racetrack that was adjacent to the freeway where he came down. The Del Mar Horse Park is also not too far away.
When you have to land, you have to land, lucky People o board
I'm really shocked they only clipped two cars on that busy freeway. Thank God everyone was o.k.
Well, in my humble opinion, inasmuch as they were cleaning up gas from the freeway after the accident, I don't think it is a case of "No Gas", but as there have been any number of problems with the fuel selector valve, I am betting the plane was sucking air through a bad valve.
Imagine the shock of that. 'I'm out of gas, but the tank is full? WTH!!!'. Not much you can do, except test the valve before taking off, but verifying flow would seem to be an issue. Bad luck, and really lucky if that was the case!
or air from and empty tank....
sharon bias 3
Pilot should buy Lotto tickets immediately. Bet more than a few cars stuck on the freeway will need gas too.
Steve Aliamus 2
The plane appears to be a single-engine Piper PA-32.
Cleffer 6
Is that because the article says "The single-engine Piper PA-32 aircraft made its landing sometime around 12:15 p.m." ;)
Steve Aliamus 4
Oops, might have missed that tidbit. :) All the other articles said "small plane" so glad this one actually mentioned the aircraft.
Cherokee would be good enough -

But who the hell is Consumer Bob ? :)
bentwing60 1
Plain old PA-32 and my guess, no gas!
Enough to cover a 7 year old girl in the backseat of a car, saw an interview with her and her grandma who was driving. The firedepartment removed her clothes and put her in a blanket as she was all wet from the "water" as she said. Kind parents and firedepartment didn't tell her what it was, no reason to make it more traumatic than it was. I hope no one makes her imagine what could have happend!Not until she is much older!
Saratoga sorry ...
Robert Cowling -4
I'd bet that was a surprise. When I was a teen, I had just passed by a huge farm field that minutes later had a 150 land in it. It was too short to take back off.

In college, we had a balloon get stuck in a freak squall line, and they couldn't get to the airport and crashed in our backyard. Yeah, surprised? Doesn't come close... Cops, FAA, I assume NTSB, and so glad everyone was fine. (Why they flew with such conditions being possible is probably a question they had to answer many times, I'm sure... (Talk about stupid human tricks)


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