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A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 began to taxi with its tow bar still attached

Ryanair Boeing 737 sustained damage to its right engine after it began to taxi prematurely with its tow bar still attached after pushback. ( More...

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1. Push airplane into position.
2. Indicate or communicate to Flight Crew to "Set brakes".
3. Disconnect towbar and pull away with tug.
4. Indicate or communicate that all is clear for engine start, "release brakes" and marshal out for taxi.

At least this is they way its been done for my 33-plus years in aircraft maintenance.
Phil Nolden 2
YEP! From the left seat side of the towbar, you wait to be told what to do and when to do it. And you don't move until you get the salute/wave from the ground crew. Thank goodness no one was injured, or worse.
ericvap 7
Did u hear that?? Idk what’s that noise???? Hmmmm yeah let’s keep moving forward….

Those two pilots would’ve been eaten by dinosaurs
alex hidveghy 3
Well, they certainly don’t make pilots like they used to, that’s for sure! I cringe every time when I listen to them on frequency while they taxi in my ground-based job now. After 22 plus years in the air all over the globe!…..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
James Simms 6
That’ll buff right out. Just a little Bondo, 100 mph tape, chewing gum, & bailing wire; it’ll be as good as new….
sharon bias 8
With Ryanair, that is a possibility.
Elliot Cannon 3
Still attached? How did it then get under the right engine?
Gregg Bender 3
How the Hell does that even happen? It's not like a 737 towbar is a little thing!?
Bill Overdue 2
I hate it when that happens?
mimana 2
If pilot did not wait for confirmation of land crew to proceed, he is for sure out of the game.
Two did Ryanair pilots in charge - although probably not any longer.
bartmiller 1
After more than a few thousands of hours of flight, I can’t say this never happened to me.

Of course, I don’t have a half dozen ground crew helping my TR182 push back …
Dale Ballok 1
I don’t get it. How did the towbar, which allegedly was still attached to the nose gear, end up damaging the engine?
No damage to the nose gear?
The towbar was not attached to the nose gear. It was loose on the ground. The engine clearance from the ground is less than the height of the towbar, so it got jammed under the engine.
Dale Ballok 3
Ok, that makes sense then. The plane turned and the engine contacted the loose towbar. Blame is on the ground crew, not realizing they pulled the tug back to the gate minus the towbar!🤷‍♂️😩
alex hidveghy 2
I knew there was far more to the story of “still attached towbar”!!
It simply didn’t make any sense……
Dale Ballok 2
Don’t these people proof read anything anymore?
Vinod Bansal 1
Sensational headlines get clicks!
M20ExecDriver 1
Hmm, did I untie that tail tiedown? I'm not moving anywhere.
Wayne Fox 1
You get the amount of service you pay for.
themold 1
Very poor reporting on this. The tow bar was not still attached to the nose gear as evidenced by the video. Engine nacelle was damaged, and the tow bar was destroyed.
Dale Ballok 1
bentwing60 1
Some folks would, but then more than a few wouldn't, be surprised how many tow bars have been eaten by bug smasher props. in GA. Of course, the tow bar gets its revenge with the insurance company because it ate a $5000 prop. And the "what's that noise"
Perp. will never do it again. Cheers!
Don't forget about the sudden stoppage overhaul! Always develop good towbar habits. Always make sure you know where it is before you crank the motor. Cherokees and Archers have a holder for it in the back of the luggage bay. I always stow it there. That way I can glance back and know that it is not on the nose wheel!
alex hidveghy -1
Ever heard of a pre-flight walk around? I believe even GA pilots are supposed to do that? A tow bar attached should be fairly obvious, no?
Dale Ballok 2
This was not a pre-flight incident. It happened after push back!
Phil Howry -1
Will the FAA and domestic media surrogates find a way to blame Boeing for this operational blunder?
alex hidveghy 1
Why? Makes zero sense!
Torsten Hoff 1
You know that the only reason MH370 posted this is because it involved a Boeing product.
ericvap -7
No they would blame Trump and his supporters for a vast right wing conspiracy
Bill Overdue 1
Yep, Trump, its Trumps fault!


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