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Pilot incapacitation in flight | WestJet Boeing 737-800 | Winnipeg, ATC

27-DEC-2021. WestJet Boeing flight WJA656 from Calgary International Airport (Canada) to Toronto Pearson International Airport according the report was enroute at FL370 about 70 miles northeast of Winnipeg when the first officer became ill and was unable to continue duties. What is ALARMING about this incident is that it is the SECOND such incident in the month of December for WestJet! On December 6th a WestJet pilot was stricken on a flight to Atlanta and a defibrillator and doctor were rushed… ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 0
Here is a link to the flight track >>>

A question for the experts out there. How common is it for an airline the size of WestJet to have TWO incidences in the space of one month where a pilot became incapacitated in flight?

Fortunately the incapacitations happened while the aircraft were in cruise flight - not a critical phase i.e. landing or takeoff otherwise the outcome in each case could have been catastrophic.

WestJet pilots like all Canadian airline pilots are fully vaccinated.
ffrcobra1 3
If one pilot being incapacitated in any phase of flight is catastrophic for the flight, the remaining pilot should not have been a part of the crew. It should be a non-event, as far as the safe operation of the aircraft is concerned.
linbb -1
For a starter why the vax comment? You are just like others who speculate on things not in evidence. As far as them having medical problems they fly under the same medical mandates as every other alirline. So if the stars line up just right things happen OK AM SURE YOU UNDERSTAND that. Oh about the caps, just doing the same dumb thing in mine that you did for no reason in yours. Oh by the way either phase mentioned is handled by just hit go around button, power comes up and the pilot who takes over does his pilot thing. Resets for landing or if on TO and not having reached go no go throw out the reversers and apply brakes, taxi back to parking.
Pa Thomas 0
A couple million people fly every day. Some of them will get sick or die or have babies. Some will be flight crew, too.


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