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Utah Nat. Guard double Blackhawk helicopter crash

Two Utah air national guard UH-67 Blackhawk’s crashed earlier today just yards away from a ski resort. ( More...

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Reminds me of the failed hostage Iranian Embassy rescue. Overthere it was sand, here it was snow. Hope they will learn from it.
Ron Shemenski 3
While working in Utqiagvik (Barrow) AK December 1999, I accompanied a medevac crew to a fishing camp. They were flying a very well equipped Huey. All villages and camps were in their GPS data base and all they had to do after lift off was turn on the auto pilot and George flew to the camp and hovered. It was so dark that without the night vision goggles, there was no sensation of motion, just vibration. I was impressed with the crews CRM. When we got there, pilot flying had eyes in, pilot not flying eyes out to direct us to a land mark ( pile of caribou bone) and talked us down, only seeing the bones intermittently through the swirling snow. It was a very gentle landing. All in all, the crew made a difficult situation into a very interesting safe experience.
Kind of the wrong helicopter....
UH-60 = Blackhawk, based on the Sikorsky S-70
UH-67 + Creek, based on the Eurocopter EC145
Jeff Brenton 5
Video looks like they blinded themselves in the snow, the rear one had a dynamic roll-over on touchdown, and the resulting shrapnel "shot down" the other.

Thankfully no injuries.
linbb 4
Looks like mountain flying is not a good thing had one crash by MT Hood years back.
paul trubits 1
That is why they practice
hf633626 3
Yeah, also 3 similar crashes within 1 year of each other.


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