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U.S. carriers to introduce bus services on some routes due to pilot shortage

FORT WORTH, TEXAS — U.S. carriers are preparing to introduce bus services on some routes as the pilot shortage affects airlines' plans to return to their pre-pandemic flight schedules. ( More...

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(OK, I'll say it!) Finally, a true coach class in America.
Joe Vincent 15
Give new meaning to the name "Airbus."
James Simms 2
Careful, you’ll upset MH 370 degenerating Airbus
Paul Ipolito 12
My son told me about flying from Detroit to Grand Rapids. I asked why they just didn't have the plane towed on the Interstate
Mark Kortum 10
I have a recurring dream like that. We pull away from the gate at O'Hare and taxi to Midway.
Paul Ipolito 3
Dave Mathes 2 that's a funny thought...
dee9bee 9
On any weather day into PHL, I'll bet the bus gets to the airport before the plane...
Brian Freeman 7
So am I going to have to pay an additional fee to check my bags on the bus or to get a window seat??
At least the choice is entirely binary - window OR aisle!
patrick baker 6
think of it: if a bus makes time or economic sense for a city pair, then flights are irrelevant.
Peter Fuller 3
Agreed….and sometimes vice versa. In the ‘80s there were DC9 flights between Hobby and Intercontinental in Houston, all of 24 miles direct.
dmanuel 5
Will the bus have Business/First Class seating? You don't suppose TSA will screen? So may opportunities for jokes/puns.
Edward Bardes 4
If only pilot training was more accessible from a financial standpoint.
Ben Bosley 3
I agree. I think if more airlines were willing to offer flight training in exchange for agreeing to stay at that airlines for X amount of time, airlines wouldn't be as short on pilots as they are now.
kpeex 4
beilstwh 7
I wonder if United needs a seat on the bus for a deadheading crew member, will they beat the passenger to a bloody pulp if they don't want to give up their seat
Dale Ballok 6
Advantage is the bus can stop, and an unruly passenger can be de-bussed, to find their own way to their destination!
David Rice 2
He wasn’t referring to any unruly behavior by a passenger. He was referring to the Chicago aviation police beating up someone who was boarded and then before takeoff the airline wanted the seat for one of their employees.
James Simms 0
You can bet United would still find a way to kill family pets or break guitars
well, its not like they will be busing passengers from dfw to den..its is for very short routes that would there are not enough crew for,per the article..if the buses are new,clean and well run, im sure some folks wont mind..there will be others though who protest..i would like to add,that when the airfares began to change back in the 1980's, and there were literally hundreds of coach class yxew2345 fares that were relatively cheap,the airlines began to see what were jokingly called "the bus riders" at the airport who would show up dressed as if they had just gotten out of bed, or were working on a car! (i observed this myself)..times change, but then "everything old is new again"!!
Dale Ballok 1
Still being seen on some flights!
John Steiner 5
So HNL - OGG by bus?
James Simms 3
Water Taxi
Doyle Kaufman 2
I'll try it only if they have meals and beverages in first class.
wingbolt 2
Further adding to the shortage of school bus drivers. Maybe the bus drivers will have pass ride privileges on other busses.
wingbolt 2
Of course based on seniority.
Dale Ballok 1
Little different driving a stop and go bus loaded with kids than any other.
Dawn DeRosa 2
I am not a fan of the 2 hour bus ride from Newark to Allentown. I have chosen to fly into Wilkes Barre at times to avoid it , as I am in between those 2 towns.
Paul Kita 1
United has been providing bus service between ABE to EWR for at least 20 years if not more. It goes by the name of United Express. You check your bags inside the terminal. You go outside and wait for the bus driver and your bags to be brought out to the bus. Ride to EWR and go through security there. So, it's nothing new. I've used it a few times and every once in a while you get a rider who is really surprised as they thought they were taking a short flight to EWR on a United Express carrier.
Peter Fuller 1
On an actual regional flight from ABE to EWR, passengers would go through TSA security at ABE and get off inside the secure area at EWR. Bus service could do the same, better mirroring the regional flight by discharging passengers inside the EWR secure area, where they could easily go to connecting flights. Of course there’d need to be a guarantee that the bus remained secure enroute.
Tim Eichman 1
I just booked a one-stop flight from ABE to ILM via PHL--the first leg to PHL is a bus... I looked at just driving to PHL to do the non-stop flight to ILM, but it was $100 more than the one-stop with the bus...

That $100 can pay for a few bloody Maries in the airport bar during that 90-minute layover at 8am!
Mark Kortum 1
Might be an improvement!
United has been doing this between Chicago O'Hare and Rockford for decades.
Now passengers will be able to cutch their armrests for the entire journey instead of just during take-offs and landings
Mike Connelly 1
Reminiscent of the railroad industry before Amtrak when the freight railroads were forced to provide uneconomical passenger train service by the ICC. The trick was to put the few travelers they had into buses, which was a lot more economical than operating trains, with the hope they would never come back. The other trick was to remove dining cars from trains and replace them with vending machine cars. Ahhh, the good ole days of passenger trains and ingenious government regulation!
James Simms 2
Amtrak still busses people from areas not served to station stops. Plus they tried & did put vending machines in place of dining cars
Steve Walton 1
Wonder if you need an Type to drive the bus ? Oh wait I already have one !
jptq63 1
Think it depends upon State, with at least a CDL-B with S endorsement in Florida.
sparkie624 1
Interesting idea... certainly will offer a different view... Not sure how that will be accepted by the public!
Dale Ballok 3
No air pressure changes, turbulence, hard landings, taxiing delays!
ADXbear 1
Dale Ballok 0


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