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World's fastest passenger jet goes supersonic in tests

The race to resume supersonic passenger flights nearly two decades after the retirement of Concorde was offered a glimmer of excitement on Monday when plane manufacturer Bombardier revealed high speed achievements while confirming the launch of its new business jet. The Canadian company said the in-development Global 8000 will be "the world's fastest and longest-range purpose-built business jet." The news comes after a Global 7500 test vehicle broke the sound barrier during a… ( More...

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AAaviator 13
That's nothing. I just saw Top Gun Maverick, and he went Mach 10+ :)~
ThePumpkin -1
Beautiful 🤣
Jesse Carroll 0
Please say what country or language , your Beautiful "🤣".
I have some coins Im trying to identify and looks familiar to 🤣!
Thank You
Ilgaz Ocal 1
You can use "Google lens" to search the coin. As even Google translate can't figure out what he has written, it is likely gibberish/unicode bug/some emoji.
Scott Mich 4
The Cessna Citation X broke the sound barrier as well. The aircraft OEMs have to flight test at 10% over certified Max speed.
Did you know that the first Citation was named the 500 because it was priced at $500,000? We built the first Citation simulator at the American Airlines Flight Academy by converting a BAC111 simulator into one matching CC501.
GraemeSmith 11
"Global 7500 test vehicle broke the sound barrier during a demonstration flight last May, achieving speeds of more than Mach 1.015."

When it is faster than Concorde's AVERAGE cruise speed of Mach 2.02 - the headline will be valid. Till then.......
skylab72 2
Shoulda been, "Business Class Passenger Jet", do you have no click-bait filter?
Raymond Hoff 2
How fast is the Concorde going now?
btweston 1
It… did go supersonic.
Greg Kusiak 1
That media outlet is well known for its superlative use of implication as “news,” preferring observer inference over fact.
Still, cruising over Mach 1 on biofuel in a non-military craft is pretty impressive. Can it be verified that there wasn’t a tailwind helping it along?
mikey mikey 3
Mach numbers refer to airspeed, not ground speed. More to the point, tailwinds do not affect Mach numbers.
ThePumpkin 2
Your comment on the sensationalism of this News Network is bang on.
21voyageur 3
Ditto. Cheap journalism , , , and I use that term loosely.
Its the fastes and longest range not the fastes supersónic and still good even if not fabricantes in the US.....
belzybob 9
When they hit Mach 2 I'll take notice.
Ric Wernicke 5
What do you bet Mr. Climate change, John Kerry, is the launch customer?
Brian Chandler 10
"with a max speed of 0.94" -- Who cares what the plane did in test if it's not going to do it in service. This is a subsonic business jet that test pilots had some fun in. What am I missing?

The 737MAX did climbouts at airshows of like 40%. Does that mean by this article's logic we now have a fastest to cruise airplane? Ofc not.

Besides, we shouldn't even be producing PJs given the environmental footprint.
bartmiller 12
Going supersonic is an interesting aerodynamic accomplishment. None of the current passenger jets can safely break the sound barrier, so it is interesting that this wing (and airframe) can handle it.
21voyageur 0
Interesting vs newsworthy?
ThePumpkin 4
Excellently stated
21voyageur 2
Agree. Typical amateur, sensationalized headline click-baiting which is par for this website these days. YAWN.
Bruce Horwitz 0
So why are you here? Lapping up click-bait?
Environmental footprint expert are you?
Ric Ben 2
Would have been nice to know the maximum range of the Global 8000 at supersonic cruise vs the 8000-mile eco cruise speed range.
21voyageur 9
That would be of little value as it will not be certified as a supersonic aircraft.
o 艹 2
I hope this plane can be put into use safely.
mikey mikey 1
Amazon will contract with cargo operators who choose to fly this. It'd designed to be flown by low-time pilots, and will automatically auger in under high power.

(Srsly - "can be put into use safely"? Is this a translation error?)
bentwing60 2
One might also predict the jet will set you back $80 mil. as any historian here would tell you that the model # is roughly in lock step with the List prize for another GWhiz. or Global.

Bought any gas for your Honda lately?
21voyageur 3
If there was no market, the plane would not have been built. IMHO. Could it be a dud? Sure but $80 is just a number for leasing companies.
Joseph Pendleton 1
The New Concord
Mike Taylor 1
I seem to recall a DC-8 broke the sound barrier in 1961 during a test flight and shallow dive demonstrating a negative g pushover.
Great business jet with kutstanding range and speed périod.


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