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Cargo plane operated by Ukraine carrier crashes in Greece, explosions heard

PALAIOCHORI, GREECE - An Antonov cargo plane operated by a Ukrainian airline crashed Saturday near the city of Kavala in northern Greece, authorities said. Local residents reported seeing a fireball and hearing explosions for two hours after the crash. Greek Civil Aviation authorities said the flight was heading from Serbia to Jordan. The An-12, a Soviet-built turboprop aircraft, was operated by cargo carrier Meridian. Greek media reported there were eight people on the plane and that it was… ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 1
This is a strange one! Obviously the plane was carrying arms. Explosion's were heard two hours after the crash!

What was a Ukrainian Cargo company doing flying weapons from Serbia to Jordan and where did the weapon's come from?
Greg S 0
What's a paid Russian troll doing posting lies from an account named "Kevin Keswick"?

bentwing60 -7
Xibiden and NATO of course! Tech stop.


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