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Retirement Homes Announced for Space Shuttle Fleet

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NASA also announced that hundreds of shuttle artifacts have been allocated to museums and education institutions. ( المزيد...

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mattdavis 0
How does Houston not get one of these?
Donny Malinoff 0
Tourist don't go to Houston Matt!
Toby Sharp 0
He does have a point, Houston is the butthole of the U.S. well next to New Orleans anyways
preacher1 0
I got to agree with Toby about Houston. With NASA needing to cut $, why don't they close down the Johnson Center, cut about half the folks and move the rest to Florida. With the Lord coming, why are we worried about space anyway, but from purely an economic now look, they seem to think that just cause they are gummint workers that they are immune from these shortfalls and hard times the rest of us have to deal with, and by doing so and paying our taxes, keep them in a job. Since the cold war is over, I really don't care as much about space anyway.
Randy Michel 0
Houston could possibly get a Shuttle, if its to be called a shuttle. The Explorer has sat at Kennedy for years. They could merely transfer it over to there so they could have a piece of history there. With Atlantis staying at KSC, they could afford to part with Explorer. Enterprise will just get neglected at NYC just like the Concorde has.
Ed Berling 0
I guess if you're not just about on the coast you're kind of s-o-l.
chap2189 0
to Preacher1.

"With the Lord coming, why are we worried about space anyway,....."

Shortsighted. I believe the Lord is coming, but is that an excuse to not seek out and explore? Using your argument, why go to work?
DashTrash 0
US Space and Rocket Center should have had one. California? You've got to be kidding me, and the Intrepid Museum doesn't take care of their aircraft.

Absolute horse manure....
boatin1 0
Does this mean that Shuttle Endeavour will land at Edwards after its mission is over.
ansonj 0
Politics, let New York have the shuttle, we'll keep the simulator at NASA. That's the most interesting part anyway, the rest of the shuttle is nothing but a truck with an arm and some high dollar engines.
Michael Yockey 0
I'm seriously peeved that the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, OH didn't get a bird. Nevermind that I really just want one in my backyard, how does the Air Force, the agency responsible for the beginnings of NASA itself, not get honored with this fantastic piece of history?
Matt Comerford 0
"With the Lord coming, why are we worried about space anyway,....." Which Lord? The Queen of England? Lord Blackwood? Mitt's Lord? You're crazy.
Joel Rodriguez 0
Like many of you here, I am disappointed, that Houston did not get one of the orbiters, but I am thankful for what we do have. We have a Saturn V rocket, plenty of neat space artifacts, and we have a great team at JSC as well as SCH. Now for some humor...

Well we know the one going to L.A. will be stolen, The one in N.Y. will be sold to a rich person on HGTV, the one in Florida will be pushed to Orlando by a hurricane and become a pizza place at Disney World and finally the one in D.C. will most likely just get lost.
hhh qqq 0
Houston deserves/earned a shuttle. This is a political decision against a Republican state.
Randy Michel 0
The California Science Center hasn't even submitted a design for the structure that will house Endeavour. At least publicly anyway. If the deal falls through, hopefully it can go somewhere that's more worthy of having it like JSC or the USAF Museum.
Chris Bryant 0
I was happy that the Intrepid got Enterprise, but I agree that Wright-Patt should've gotten one. I haven't been to the museum there yet, but I plan to.
But, just to be argumentative with Mr. Yockey, why not put one in Pensacola, at the Naval Aviation Museum? Out of the "Mercury 7," three were Navy and one was a Marine. That's a majority that were not Air Force.
Unfortunately, there aren't enough shuttles left for every place that deserves one to get one.
Michael Yockey 0
That's okay, I love a good argument. =)

My position is, admittedly, at least partially selfish. I live in Dayton and I want a bird near my home so I can go visit her. That aside, I stand by my point that the Air Force played a vital role in the early days of NASA and that the Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB is just the right place to display such an artifact. It would be among much in the way of good company!

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