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JetBlue Unveils New Standard Livery

After more than a decade, JetBlue has dropped the veil on its new standard livery. ( More...

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well, i would guess passengers who fly jet blue dont really care about the livery of the planes..what they want is cheap airfares and semi good service! usually ticket counter,gate and boarding areas are re painted,rebranded etcetera to match,as well as new customer service and flight attendant uniforms being is rather odd color scheme,but it does catch your eye doesnt it? remember how bright and outlandish people though southwests old livery was? the sad one for me was when AMERICAN dropped the old AA proud bird logo and the silver bird,to what they have now since the merger..oh goes on and aviation changes as with everything else!!
Bab Bezat 2
Who remembers when Braniff got high-fashion?!!!
flanneryb 1
Mary, I think you are right! I thought to myself; why not save the money, and use a less technical paint scheme. It is also going to warm up on the tarmac during the summer months.
George Lane 6
Overall it's a nice shade of blue, but what's that on the tail? Reminds me of bathroom tile.
Calen Chrzan 3
I posted on their social media site that the tail looks like a suit from Aussie competitive swimwear company FunkyTrunks.
Richard Lussier 1
LOL. I had the same thought!
Joseph Glavin 10
Butt ugly
Tom Land 5
Maybe they ran out of money to finish the paint job. My 18 month old son needs a job!!
David Purtz 4
WOW, that really is a disrupting paint livery (to paraphrase the babbling JB rep in the article), disrupting to the eyes causing a headache before getting on the plane. It's pretty childish, looking more like a kid's toy.
websanity 4
Surely if they were merging with Spirit the new colour should be green?
Ron Slater 1
The spirit solid red paint jobs make my hair hurt
Craig Brown 3
The front two thirds of the new JetBlue plane are an exact copy of Southwest's current livery. Same blue color, same large white lettering for the logo. The only difference appears on the tail, Southwest with it's yellow & red stripes, JetBlue with it's odd blocks of teal, white, and dark blue. You'd think JetBlue would try to be a bit more creative than that...
That the front 2/3 is so similar to Southwest is indeed strange. Even worse, the part that is unique is so unattractive. I think there might be some celebrating happening at Southwest HQ that Jetblue imitated them so poorly.
Justthefacs 5
Will work well in crowed airports as regards visibility. You sure know when Spirit is around regardless of whether you like or dislike the company. Certainly better than some of the things others have done such as United and Lufthansa. American was criticized when they got rid of the silver tubes, but you know they are there.
Paul Hurford 2
I am very unimpressed!
Gary Bain 2
Don't like it but it's not as bad as Spirit Yellow.
Surely the extra paint-job will have added to the weight and will be fuel-efficient negative ??

The tail looks a bit BA 1980’s… though Thatch won’t be covering it with a handkerchief!
Ron Slater 2
No real weight gain if they strip the old paint
C J -1
Your comment makes zero sense. How would a different livery add weight? You are aware that airplanes aren’t magically born with a base white coat, right?
John Taylor 0
It can change the weight significantly. The paint on a fully coated 737 can weigh between 500-1200 pounds depending on which type of paint is used. If a plane has only the upper half coated, obviously that would weigh between 250-600 pounds. A bare aircraft like the old AA would weigh significantly less. Now multiply that over the whole fleet and that is a lot of excess weight potential.
C J 0
Comparing this situation to the "old AA fleet" is apples to oranges. This will not add any sort of significant weight penalty as JetBlue's existing fleet is not a bare metal look. Everyone knows that paint adds weight, but in this case it's a completely illogical argument. One livery versus another where the airplane is fully coated will have at best marginal weight differences.
Nolan Clinard 2
It looks like it was copied from Riverbend Apartments in Atlanta in the early 70s.
C J 0
Definitely a reference that everyone can relate to. Well done.
scottiek 3
Who comes up with this cr*p?
Peter McGrath 1
I think the same people that said "Bud Light needs a revamp"
It's definitely blue and distinct. No mistaking that livery for any other airline.
Except if you can only see the front 2/3, then you indeed might mistake it for Southwest
acamp6 1
Robert Jennings 1
Holster the spray guns! I'd like to see the rejects, please.
Mike Boote 1
Faisal Nahian 1
I don’t like tail design but I guess we can live with it. I think the second picture was a better representation of the intended blue color.
NX211 1
I think this particular news item would be better suited to Sherman Williams homepage..
Peter Fuller 1
Pretty intense blue…I’m not a fan. I bet that blue paint will get a lot hotter than the to-be-replaced white sitting in the sun on the ramp.
mdburd 1
Reminds me a little of the one USAir (ways?) livery from the 90s--after they did the Piedmont merger livery that had the polished silver belly with the red, white and blue accents---and their short-lived spin-off, MetroJet....
dkenna 1
It works. Another garbage livery on a garbage airline. Keep trying to polish the turd that is Jet Blue.
Craig Northacker 1
Looks like it can’t make up its mind what it wants to be. Pan American still did it best. Especially with their smiley faces.
UGLY but better than the Pride flag that they were contemplating.
Wm. Mark Meiggs 0
If you’re okay on someone’s else wardrobe it might as be the competition’s
Hail SWA


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